American Sentinel University

Who could predict that the merger of an information technology college and a business management school in 2000 would lead to the rise of a new era of online education, named as The American Sentinel University! With more than 20 online degree programs, 1200 students and an enlistment in the top 20 Military Friendly Schools in 2008 by The Military Advanced Education Board, USA, undoubtedly makes Denver, Colorado, U.S  located American Sentinel University one of its kind. Accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC), American Sentinel University offers distance-learning degree and certificate programs in technology, health care and business.


American College of Computer & Information Sciences and American Graduate School of Management were the two institutions that became the foundation stone for American Sentinel University. Originally founded by Lloyd E. Clayton Jr, American Sentinel University is now being headed by Mary Adams.

Mission Statement:

American Sentinel University's mission is to provide high quality, innovative degree and certificate programs that enable students to enhance their professional and civic lives.

Academic Divisions:

The progressive courses offered by American Sentinel University can be sub-divided in to following genres.
  • Business
  • Criminal Justice
  • Health Care
  • Industry Certification Programs
  • Technology

American Sentinel University; a quick Look!

With continued improvements in quality outcomes, American Sentinel University is dedicated to the universal connectivity of scholars. Having more than 60% PhD personals in its teaching staff, American Sentinel University sets the standards of excellency in online and distance education. Innovative use of technology that creates new standards in assessment and achievement of academic brilliance supports the American Sentinel University’s claim of professional credibility.

The student assistance is the core priority of American Sentinel University. Facilities like Payment Planning, Employer Reimbursement, In-School Loan Deferment, Hope or Lifetime Learning Tax Credit and Need-based Grant Program are provided to every American Sentinel University student as per merit. Affordability and Flexibility are the basic motives of American Sentinel University’s student support program.

American Sentinel University Online:

Provision of new levels of admittance to aggravated, non-traditional students who here-to-fore have not had the prospect for superior specialized degrees for reasons of time, money, or geography leaves any online student with no other choice than American Sentinel University!

TheOnlineSchools refers the concerned Information & Advanced Technology, Business & Management, Criminal Justice & Health Care related students to American Sentinel University with assurance of professional competency.

American Sentinel University Programs:

1)    TechnologyAS Computer Science
  • AS Information Systems
  • AS Geographic Information Systems
  • BS Computer Science
  • BS Computer Science, Game Programming Specialization
  • BS Health Systems Management
  • BS Information Systems
  • BS Information Systems, Geographic Information Systems Specialization
  • BS Information Systems Security
  • BS Information Technology
  • BS Management Information Systems
  • BS Technology Management
  • BS Web Design and Development
  • MS Computer Science with 3 concentrations:             
    • Computer Networking
    • Computer Programming
    • Information Systems SecurityMS Information Systems
  • MS Health Systems Management

2)    Criminal Justice
  • AS Criminal Justice
  • BS Criminal Justice with 4 concentration options            
    • General Criminal Justice
    • Law Enforcement
    • Criminal Justice Administration
    • Cyber-Criminology

3)    Business
  • AS Business Administration
  • BS Business with 5 majors:            
    • Administration
    • Management
    • Marketing
    • eBusiness
    • Human Resource ManagementBS Technology Management
  • MBA - Health-care
  • MBA
  • MS Business Intelligence

4)    Health-care
  • BS Health Systems Management
  • RN to BS Nursing
  • RN to MS Nursing
  • MS Nursing with 4 specializations:            
    • Nursing Management and Organizational Leadership
    • Case Management
    • Nursing Education
    • Nursing InformaticsMBA Health-care
  • MS Health Systems Management
5)    Industry Certification Programs
  • Microsoft
  • Comp-TIA
  • Cisco
  • PMP

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