ACCA - One of the Best Online Business Degree Programs

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ACCA - One of the Best Online Business Degree ProgramsThere are vast number of business programs including finance, administration, accounting, communication etc. Among all these courses the best Business program that can be earned online is Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). ACCA is a global body of financial accountants located in more than 120 countries and headquarter located in United Kingdom. In the modern world, where new businesses and employers are coming forward in different industries, they surely need an accountant to manage their assets, liabilities, capitals, investment and keep an eye on the business activities.

ACCA is a certificate and it requires students to pass 14 papers and get a practical experience of 3 years. But in addition to this prestigious certificate, students can earn a BSc (honors) degree in Applied Accounting upon the completion of first 9 fundamental exams of ACCA. ACCA is less expensive and high demanding career now-a-days that can earn you more than anyone else. Global body of ACCA provides different sources to prepare for the exams. These sources include:

1) E-learning
2) Tuition Providers

There are many institutions including Kaplan and BPP-Building Careers which are accredited by ACCA provide learning materials, and a facility of online education through virtual lectures available on their official web sites. 

An ACCA qualified can earn up to US $100,000 per annum. Recently, World Bank also approved ACCA. This achievement adds a lot to the worth of this Accounting program because it is affordable, achievable and most earning profession in today`s world.


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