A Few of the Top Online Engineering Courses

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A Few of the Top Online Engineering Courses

There exist a vast number of engineering degrees that are available online. This extravagant number of degrees may confuse individuals and individuals may feel difficulty in choosing between the right options available to them. According to the economists, the engineering degrees that are highly in demand, cheap and can be earned from prestigious universities at undergraduate level are:

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (mit.edu)

  • Engineering Management Course
  • Introduction to Civil Engineering Design

2. Utah State University (usu.edu)

  • Biochemical Engineering Course

3. University of California, Berkeley (Berkeley.edu)

  • Mechanical Engineering Design Course
  • Chemical Engineering Labs

Following is the detail on each engineering course.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (mit.edu)

  • Engineering Management Course:
    This course provides an introduction to engineering management. Topics included in the degree are: financial principles, management of innovation, engineering project planning and control, human factors, career planning, patents, and technical strategy.
  • Introduction to Civil Engineering Design:
    This course educates students in 4 detailed design projects and extensive guidelines on how to prepare a design portfolio. It introduces students to the theory, tools, and techniques used in engineering design and creative problem-solving, as well as design issues and practices in civil engineering.


Delft University of Technology (tudelft.nl)

  • Biochemical Engineering Course:
    The course features the introduction of biochemical processes, thermodynamics, and kinetics and how they are used in the engineering applications to analyze, design, and develop processes using biocatalysts.


University of California, Berkeley (Berkeley.edu)

  • Mechanical Engineering Design Course:
    The course features an introduction to the design of components through the application of principles of mechanics, materials science, and manufacturing processes and complete machines that must meet required functional requirements.
  • Chemical Engineering Labs:
    This course introduces students to the use of chemicals and composition of compounds and different elements and how these chemicals are used in different industries.

Top Online Engineering Schools

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