Top 10 Majors Distance Learning Degree Programs

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Top 10 Majors Distance Learning Degree ProgramsThere are many courses and many majors that are available online for a student to choose from. But the selected major will not affect the career of any individual rather it will only help them to prepare for the career. That is why it is vital for a student to select their major by the end of their freshman year in College. Because any later than that will make it hard to complete the major within the normal time of 4 years. The top 10 majors that are in demand now-a-days are as described below with their details:

1. Business

Now-a-days the most selected major is of Business Administration and Management. Business major focuses on various disciplines including finance, marketing, management and accounting and all these disciplines are highly demanding outside college and can get students a respected job with good salary.

2. Social Sciences and History

Social Sciences and History major focuses on anthropology, economics, geography, sociology and political science.

3. Education

Elementary Education is the most popular among individual who want to be a teacher of K-12 classroom.

4. Psychology

There are two types of Psych majors available. One is for those who really like psychology and the other is for those who take psychology as an easy major and an easy way to graduation. Many psychology majors do not include work in the field of psychology.

5. Nursing

Major in nursing field is challenging. Some might face delay because of waiting lists. However, a graduate in nursing major can easily get a job due to the severe shortage of nurses in hospitals.

6. Communications

This major also includes journalism, communications is one of the fastest growing majors in both College and in market because of the fats growth in media.

7. Biology

Biology majors requires an extensive of research and development work in a laboratory or the field. Graduate of biology major may get employment in hospitals, national & state parks, universities, pharmaceutical companies, research firms, aquariums and zoos.

8. Engineering

A major that usually results in a high paid job from the very start. The best combination of subjects in this major includes a mix of math and science courses.

9. English

English major focuses on copywriting, editing, teaching, writing and many others. It is also a good gateway degree to graduate school or law school.

10. Computer Science

Computer Science is a highly technical field and involves an extensive work of advanced math and computers. The technicality involved in this field makes it a little difficult major and therefore there is a significant drop in students selecting computer science majors.

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