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This online degree is offered by many institutions but the best known institutions in business major are:

1. MIT OpenCourseWare - Sloan School of Management (

Michigan Institute of Technology`s school Sloan School of Management, a well known online educational campus has been the leader in educating individuals in business field. MIT OpenCourseWare provides MIT education for free. Sloan School of Management is offering more than 50 courses online including bachelor-level business courses, as well as master-level courses. The curriculum includes lecture notes, videos, labs demonstrations and more.

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2. The U.S. Small Business Administration (

The Small Business Administration is one of the best selections among institutions providing business courses on the web. The course offered covers all the topics ranging from starting a business and business management to government contracting and international trade. Most of these courses offered takes only 30 minutes to complete.

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3. The Free Nonprofit Micro-eMBA Program (

The Free Non-profit Micro-eMBA(SM) Program is a resource for those individuals who want to learn more about non-profit management. Students can enroll for free and they will earn a MBA degree on completion of this course. The course length depends upon the quickness of student to learn, but student may expect to spend at least 200 hours on coursework.

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4. My Own Business - (

My Own Business, Inc, a non-profit organization, offers a free online business administration course that would be beneficial to future managers and to anyone intending to start a business. The course is divided in 14 sessions and covers the topics like business plans, accounting, marketing, insurance, e-commerce and international trade. Students can also acquire the accompanying textbook and a certificate of completion by paying less than $100.

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5. Business Entrepreneur Courses (

Trump University also offers certain number of free online business courses as well, together with skills of entrepreneur. Course focuses on: How to start a business with minimum Budget, Establish a Business Plan, and Find initial funding. The university provides a facility of free enrollment.

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6. Kutztown University - Small Business Development Center (

Kutztown University of Pennsylvania also offers an online business course that can be completed in as minimum as one week. The name of the course is Strategic Planning and Execution and includes strategies for crafting and executing business visions, establishing mission statements and goals.

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7. iLearn Small Business Courses (

iVillage provides free general business courses that are available 24/7 through a program iLearn Small Business Courses. These courses are divided into four or more lessons along with special features including interactive message boards and peer-to-peer tutorials with course instructors.

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8. Financial Management Training Center Courses (

The Financial Management Training Center provides up to 20 free downloadable business courses for students who intend to learn the best points of financial management. These online available courses include full exams along with the evaluation forms for individuals wanting Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits.

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9. State of Maine - Small Business Development Center (

State of Maine - Small Business Development Center offers a few free online workshops for owners of small businesses and for would-be entrepreneurs. These workshops focus on areas: Starting and developing of your Business Plan, and marketing for Small Business. Each workshop consist of few hours and results in a Certificate of Completion.

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