Engineers - Back Bone of a Country

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Engineers - The Backbone of a country and the most respected citizens! Click Here to search and apply accredited online engineering degrees.

​Industrial Revolution

Ever since the industrial revolution the demand for engineers has soared. The competence of a nations engineers is reflected in the mega structures and infrastructural projects that it undertakes. No doubt the major driving force behind a countries economic progress and success are its engineers. The demand for the engineers in the field of medicine, mechanics, physics and understanding of nature as a whole has helped mankind out of the shackles of barbarianism into the dawn of modern age.


The role of engineers in developing the infrastructure of any country is undisputed weather it may be the wonders that exist in France, Egypt, India to the beautiful man made architectures like the birds net or soccer city, all were designed and constructed by engineers. The hold a key role in devising solution to the problems that mankind faces as a society. They are the ones who construct canal, sewage line and other such structures to sustain a society.

Minimizing Damage

Whatever mankind does to foster itself Mother Nature responds to attain a balance. The might of Mother Nature is being challenged by engineers as they carry on construction such marvels that enable them to survive in the most rouged terrains that no one would have imaged before. They have constructed brigs to overcome barriers, large embankments to stop water entering cities in times of flooding. Such are the marvels of engineering that human being travel the distances that took years in hours. This is the power of engineering.

Countries Economic Development

A countries economic and social development is judged largely by the number of engineers its universities turn out each year. The largest industrialized countries like United States, Britain and Germany were market leader when it came to engineers in the nineteen eighties and the early nineteen nineteen’s but they were overtaken by China and India and look at the turn in the economies of these past super powers and the emerging ones. China is the world richest economy now and produces more engineers than any other country in the world followed by India the world fastest growing economy. No doubt engineers determine the asset that up heals a countries interests in the long run.

The Propaganda War

No doubt the marvel engineering has created has results in a turnaround in the manner in which wars were fought. They have linked the world through the internet and globalization. The media war is on the rise and the outlook that determines a countries progress is all out lost when it forgoes technology. Media reshapes mind and engineers have a strong role in all this. Many great economies lost their lust to investor because they forgave the importance of media and the emerging economies like India built on these factors to come up with what look to the population as the ideal place for investment.

The Respected Fields

Apart from the importance of engineers at the world stage and on national level there is a great sense of acknowledgment on individual level. This is the major reason that in most countries that engineering and medicine continue being ranked as the most respected profession. It is one of the few professions that give a title to its degree owners.

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