Is Liberal Arts Degree Still Worth for a successful career?

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With the advent of modern day techniques and technology in the field of business, communications and networking have become the major areas of concern. This is the major reason that during surveys majority of the managers ranked communication as the top most quality that an employee poses. This leads us to our discussion whether a liberal arts degree is still worth for a successful career?

​The Misconception

Many young students are lead to believe that the liberal arts degree is not the best way forward which to some extent makes sense. Consider yourself being a manager and consider emphatically if a person with a majors in accounting would do good for an accounting profession or a person with a major in English or French? The same goes for marketing, finance sales and others…..

Proven Facts

The argument here is that statistics do not approve for the above cliché. With the advent of the internet and computers, that have reshaped the manner in which people would do work. People with an accounting job don’t need great information for an accounting job, as before, for the reason that software’s would assist them in their work. The same goes for other professions.

Any Advantage

While keeping the above in mind, now consider the fact that even with a majors in the relevant profession people still require for an on job training to inculcate the desired performance. So what benefit do the relevant majors bring to the job? However with major in liberal arts degree will enable candidates to practice the silver tongue the ability to communicate effectively and efficiently. Take the example of Thomas Alva Edison who had some 1093 patents to his name was an expert communicator he build on his intriguing personality and efficiently communicated his message to the public and to the team he had, working for him.


If the employers take for communication skill as the most important of the skills that is needed then surely a person with the liberal arts degree would be a vital consideration. It is said of the CEO (the Chief Executive Officers) that “it is not important as to what you do, it is important as to what you get others do for you”. Let’s take an example of a manager who have exceptional technical skills, but lacks in human skills and cannot communicate the demands of consumers to his research team and his subordinates. The knowledge he inculcates will be of no preliminary significance to the company if it does not show of.

Vitality of Liberal Arts

With the changing scenarios and ever changing working environment, the importance of the liberal arts degree is growing. People with a liberal arts degree are in high demand for the nature of their knowledge in terms of communication, culture, history, emotional and psychological stability and coherence. Majority of the employers are focusing on liberal arts majors than a relevant business majors. This is evident in the survey conducted for student at Stanford university who registered a higher employment rate for liberal arts degree holder than a business majors.

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