Good with Sudoku? Consider a Career as an Accountant!

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Consider a Career as an Accountant!Once, a wrestler was showing his strength tricks in front of a huge crowd. He picked a lemon, cut it in half and extracted all the juice out of it. Then he announced a special prize for anyone who could extract a single drop out of that. Nobody rose, except a very thin, old man. He took the lemon in his hand and stated rubbing it. It produced seven drops! The wrestler got very surprised and asked him who he was? The thin, old man replied, “I’m an Accountant at the Dept. of Income Tax!”

​Leaving the joke aside, Accounting is one of the most respected, trusted and highly paid careers in the span of time. From the Treasurers of ancient Kings to the modern Chartered or Finance Accountants, accountancy holds the top place among all human occupations.

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Options for Accountancy Jobs:

In today’s modern world, concerns from every matter of life have been divided in to specialized specific form. An accountancy career also includes the list. With the rapidly increasing needs of accuracy in every field of life, the need of accounting services is also increasing and hence, is divided in to certain sub division. Here is a list of some top Accountancy careers; you can pick any of them regarding your attitude!
  • Chartered Accountancy
  • Financial Accountancy
  • Managerial Accountancy
  • Bookkeeping
  • Auditing
  • Taxation
  • Payroll & Finance Management
  • Accounting Consultancy Services
  • Banking
  • Insurance Services
Now, the next question is why to choose a career as an accountant?

There is more than one appropriate and fascinating answer to that question; some are listed below with a bit of details!

Accountants are the highest paid professionals!

According to a private survey, in UK, accountants are the highest paid processionals with a salary of more than £100,000! (That’s one hell of a money!) In US, the average salary of accountants ranges form $40,000 to $90,000. Now these figures are quite big to impress and motivate anyone to choose a career as an accountant!

White Collar Dignity:

Accounting jobs are 90% of the times, office jobs. A modernly equipped Fisherman or a highly experienced Oil Mining expert can also earn a good lot of money, but these things are a bit too difficult as compared to sitting in a relaxing chair, having coffee, signing some papers and managing some reports! Also in the social society, Accounts are considered as calm, focused, well-mannered and reliable beings. (Hope you don’t mind carrying such a repute!)

No Lack of Opportunities:

Accountancy is one of those very few careers which are always “in” in the market in terms of jobs. If you are a skilled accountant qualified from a reputed institute, having a good experience at your back, there is no lack of opportunities for you!

Secure Income:

Accountancy is one very stable and secure career as compared to many other popular careers now days. According to a private “Employee Firing” survey, accountants are the least fired professionals in US. If you are good with your job and have a tendency to keep yourself up-to-date with new market concerns, you can stay on a job as long as you like!

So if you are really good with Sudoku, considering a career in Accountancy would actually be a quite rational choice!

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