Getting Oneself Hired!

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Getting hired has always been an issue for people. In these turbulent times the task is even harder. Getting hired or getting an employer’s attention has always been an uphill task. Most recognized that qualifying from reputed institutes will ensure the above said task but even then it’s not that simple. However, the situation is not improving but students from reputed universities are facing mega challenges from the brains of the developing world that despite all their meager resources and outdated education systems have enabled themselves through the test of time. With low job and increasing in the number of graduates and technicians being produced, it is easier to say that only the fit will survive. In this article we will entails a few points that will enable you to get yourself hired without any wait after graduation or upon completion.  

Getting Through College

Getting through college is the first step that students need to ensure a job for themselves. The degree will enable them to qualify for the many prerequisites that are desired for jobs these days. Many a companies have heightened their portfolio of academic requirements, keeping in view heightened competition amongst graduates. This procedures also allows for the companies to ensure that only the qualified individuals make it through the screening process and help in lowering costs. This is the reasons perspective employees need to ascertain that their CVs hold the most highly qualified degrees and experiences as possible.


Getting yourself through the first phase of screening will require that students to take an interview. Once done with that you are mostly likely to be interviewed again this time, with the senior officials and the interview process is likely to be more intense. The ratio is that for one post available a total of 5 to 10 candidates are invited for an interview. Confidence, grip of the situation and the ability to handle pressure are the skills that will gear you through the process. However, it important that you are perceived as someone who is in line with the goals and aspirations of the company and can fit into its culture.

References and Networking

Another major role in the hiring process is played by the list of references. It can take the shape of your former employee or your former instructor who have supervised you or has been associated with you in some way. References can alter the course of you being hired in a remarkable manner, a reasonable reference can have you placed at jobs that you don’t even think you can qualify for. Networking also plays a role; people with a higher links in the market can have a job available for them any time they wish for. The reason being that in today’s world people are intended to hire someone who they know, have worked with before or at least know them is some capacity. This secures your inhibitions on as how things would turn out once some is hired. By having all of the above we are confident that you will succeed in securing yourself a job.

Quote of the Day

"Education is a method whereby one acquires a higher grade of prejudices"
(Laurence J. Peter)