Right Person for the Right Job!

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Finding the right person for the right job has never been easy. In this age of competition and consumer care the importance of the above phrase has yielded its importance in economies worldwide. Presently there are a few who can actually work out the meaning of this phrase in practical terms. Modern age management systems have largely vacated these responsibilities to the Human Resource departments. However, research has stated otherwise. The HR department has been charged largely with responsibilities of conducting necessary research as to which characteristics are necessary for a person to adjust to his or her job and perform in the most efficient manner possible, this job is not simple and requires other department’s collaboration and especially the participation of those who actually have worked these jobs. A comprehensive list of skills is required for individuals to be successful in their professional lives.  

Effect on Companies

Most companies have destroyed their reputation by not hiring the right person for the right job; others have paid huge losses as a result of their failures to look into this matter. There are others who have been successful and have entailed the above, have invested huge reserves into this approach and are now reaping the benefits of this simple management rule. Companies are taking this as challenge and are developing elaborate mechanisms and job descriptions in order to develop for themselves a platform to hire such individuals which fit the task at hand. Management is more about personnel’s and this is the most important part of it.

Effect on Employee

Once, I was viewing an interview for an airplane hostess, one candidate presented with exceptional human and interpersonal skills, however, she was turned down for a simple fact. She was a single mother and that she has to take care to three children. The reason that was presented was that she might have good skills, which they knew she had, but it would be hard for her to cope the long hours of flight and long distances. The reason being that the organizations wellbeing is largely associated with the well being of its employees, which is not possible unless the employees find themselves in an environment they desire of or they feel like being in. take yourself for an example, say you don’t like talking to a lot of people and get bored in gatherings, you don’t like answering a lot of questions but still the department head places you at the front desk to deal with clients! How would you perform, as compare to an individual who like talking to people, like getting along with all sorts of people and is not annoyed by the peculiar questioning of clients?

Effects on Consumers

Internal marketing has been an important medium to rise staff that is conducive, appreciable and in line to the companies policies. If the employees are happy with the organization, the effect will translate in consumers as well. The consumers will come across people who are satisfied with their employee and are willing to work for the organization they all admire.

Quote of the Day

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