Top careers that pay at least $50K an year!

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Listed below are some exclusive career options that can earn you at least $50K a year!

Software Engineers
Software is one of the most rapidly growing industries of this era. The amazing factor of the conversion of very low investment in to high revenue is the point that is pumping this industry by leaps and bounds. Qualified software personal with god skillful experience can easily earn up to $85,000 a year! Don’t you think it’s a Big Money for a “Soft Job?”

Right from treasures of the time prehistoric till the modern certified professionals, accountancy is one career that is never without money. Accountancy is the second most paid career in whole US with an approximate earning of $130K an year! And now with the options like Bookkeeping, Auditing, Taxation, Payroll & Finance Management, Chartered Accountancy, Financial Accountancy, Managerial Accountancy and Accounting Consultancy Services, the horizon for the accountancy career is quite huge.

Legal Services:
It is not possible with a law practitioner who is very good with his job and still is a poor man! Considered among the oldest professions in human civilized history, Legal Services are included in top five most “Wealth Producing” careers all around the globe. A qualified law professional can easily earn $110K a year in United States.

Surgery is undoubtedly the most delicate job in all the existing medical careers as most of the time; a human life is at the stake of professionalism and experience of a surgeon. Cardiac Surgeons and the Neurosurgeon are the most highly paid professionals in their class, with an annual earning of more than $180K.

Sales and Marketing:
If you are good with wordplay, there is no better career option for you than Sales and Marketing. Collateral & Promotions development, Public Relations, Media buying, Brand development & Promotion and Online Digital Marketing are more at go these days, and offer opportunities to earn almost $95,000 an year.

Network & System Administration:
Network & System Administration is a career holding vital place in the corporation of enterprise level business concerns now days, due to the sheer involvement of computerized digital equipment. Network & System Administrators can earn easily $73K a year if they are good with their skills. Network & System Analysts are also in the race with the total of $55K per year.

Web Designing:
Everyone is now looking for a web representation of his own, after the enigmatic bang of internet. And if the craze goes on mounting up like this, there is a mere possibility that is next eight or ten years, the total number of WebPages would be equivalent to the total number of people living on earth! And it’s not a joke!

So, you yourself can calculate the worth of a good Web Designer, who is now earning almost $62K a year in America.

Commercial Flying:
“I’m a Commercial Pilot and I don’t own a BMW!” You can easily call me a liar!

Both Commercial Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers are very highly paid professionals in United States. A commercial Pilot easily earns $140K an year, along with the joys of flying high every day!

Choose your career carefully from the above list, make a good degree run in your nearest educational institute or go for online education if you feel it convenient; the big money is waiting for you!

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