Artists Defy Starving Stereotype with Job Opportunities

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But right with the start of the new century, a while new sort of horizon has been opened for art loving people. Many new few fields of Graphic, Fine and Performing Arts have emerged strong during these years. Listed below are some good career choices for contemporary artists.

Designing is undoubtedly the only field of art that has not faced a sheer decline right for the start of human civilization. No matter how bad circumstances are prevailing for artists, Designers are always the rich, famous and worthy men of their time! (Provided that they are good with their relevant art work!) Many various moods and forms of designing have emerged in this last decade, out of which, some more “in” are listed below with an approximate average annual income inside US;
  • Graphic Designing ($53K)
  • Web Designing ($58K)
  • Interior Designing ($67K)
  • Town Planning ($113K)
  • Fashion Designing ($96K)

The scope of written words is also getting back to its standards, though slowly but more importantly; with a fluent pace. Modern writing careers are not suitable for poets or dramatists, but the new horizon for writing have taken their place very rapidly in last eight or ten years. Choices for the writing careers are;

  • Digital Content Writing ($51K)
  • Technical Writing ($59K)
  • Copywriting ($42K)
  • Fiction Writing ($37K)
  • Concept Writing (subsidiary to Brand Promotion) ($83K)

Marketing and Advertisement:
Marketing and Advertisement are undoubtedly considered as the scientific part of Business promotion but surveys have proven throughout States, that people with having Art backgrounds are better promoters and advertisers than many concerned Marketing Professionals. And the best combination in this concern is of a Commerce Degree with an Art Specialization. This may sound weird to most of you, but such Marketing and Advertisement professionals are earning more than $124K a year in United States.

The second best career you can avail being an artist is teaching. (Best is of course, being a successful professional artist!) Teaching is also included in the top three most respected professions in the history of human evolution; as from Prophets to Scientists, all great men are chosen to be teachers, in some way or another. You can easily earn a sum of $35,000 a year if you are Language teacher, or even can go up to $50K a year, if you are also practicing your Social Sciences’ Degrees!

One of the very important factors in the revival of Art Related subjects is the introduction of Online Distance Education. Years ago, people had to learn whatever was possible for them from their near-area institutes. During 1960’s in Russia, there were many who learnt Physics only institutes were offering these courses rapidly, leaving no other career choice. Online education has evolved this difficulty and now anyone can learn about Gothic Greek Art, the Abstract Style of Picasso, the metaphysical elements in Donne’s poetry or the Comedy of Manners portrayed by Shaw!

So if you tend to feel your heart beats changing while looking at an Art Piece or Hearing a musical, nothing to worry about. You may have a different but creatively very rich art career waiting ahead of you!

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