What Do Employers Think of Job Applicants with Online Degrees?

What Do Employers Think of Job Applicants with Online Degrees?If you are planning to opt for an online degree then the above question may strike your mind. You may also be pondering that “Will I be discredited for having an online degree?” Or “What will be my worth in market after having an online degree?” The time has passed to worry about these insecurities. Today, online students have equal opportunities in market as the students from bricks-and-mortar colleges and universities. Employers are now well aware of the credentials of online degrees and they agree to the fact that online students are more independent and prone to self education than others. Research has shown that online students tend to perform better than traditional students. That is the reason employers are getting more inclined towards hiring online students. Many companies are even supporting their employees to get online degrees. But keep in mind that the keyword to all your questions is ‘Accredited’. If your institute is accredited then you have nothing to worry about. The world is all yours. Not convinced? Then give a good look to following facts:


  1. Employer’s inclination towards online students has increased by 41 percent within a year.
  2. Enrollment in online degree has increased ten times faster than traditional programs.
  3. According to a research from Department of Education students from online programs are more likely to perform better than the ones in traditional programs.
  4. New legislations have been passed to authenticate online degrees. (College Opportunity and Affordability Act of 2008)
  5. Online students are now legible to apply for Scholarships and Federal loans.
  6. Nearly four million students were enrolled in at least one online course in 2007. This number has almost been doubled in past three years.
  7. Online degrees have much more to offer. We have enlisted the benefits of online degrees below. These might help you with your decision.

Benefits of Online degrees:

  1. It is very convenient as you can study anytime and anywhere. Gives you much more flexibility. If you are committed to a job and it’s difficult for you to attend regular classes then this is the best suited program for you.
  2. Study material is available to round the clock. Additional information can be browsed anytime from internet which is normally not possible in class room.
  3. Every student is assured to have proper attention and all of your queries will be entertained through e-mails.
  4. It is cheaper and affordable.

Important suggestions before applying for an online degree:

  1. You must be very careful while selecting the institute. It must be accredited.
  2. Make sure that the institute offers technical support 24/7..
  3. Identify the entrance necessities as some of the institutes require GRE and other pre-requisites.

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