Concord Law School Online

It was not a very long time ago when an online law school started its classes with first 33 students: today more than two thousand students from all states of America and 12 foreign countries are part of the online law marvel, known as Concord Law School. The school is a subsidiary of the Kaplan Higher Education Corporation.
Concord Law School is accredited by the "Distance Education and Training Council" and a member of the "International Association of Law Schools" and the "North Central Association of Colleges and Schools."


Concord Law School was established in 1998 by Jack R. Goetz, as one of the pioneer online law schools. In late 2007, Concord Law School merged with “Kaplan University,” becoming the first online law institute to be part of a regionally accredited university.
The main setup of Concord Law School is located in Los Angeles, California and the “Kaplan Higher Education Corporation” owns it.
Barry Currier has been the Dean of Concord Law School since June 2004.

Mission Statement:

It is the mission of Concord Law School to provide a rigorous and engaging curriculum to its students that develop the abilities, skills, and perspectives in legal fundamentals, professional and practical skills, and critical-thinking skills that result from a sound program of legal education.

Concord Law School--Facts & Figures:

Concord Law School came in news in November 2008, when a 2004 Concord graduate, Ross Mitchell, sued for, and won, the right to take the Massachusetts bar exam, which is normally open only to Massachusetts or ABA accredited law schools. Citing his excellent law school record and the ability to represent himself and properly present his case, the state's Supreme Judicial Court ruled for Ross in a 6-1 decision.
Also in 2008, four Concord graduates Larry David (JD’04,) Michael Kaner (JD’03,) Ross Mitchell (JD’04,) and Sandusky Shelton (JD’02) become the first Concord graduates to be sworn into the US Supreme Court Bar in open court.
Concord Law Schools' part-time programs serve working professionals, family caretakers, and others whose circumstances make attending a bricks-and-mortar law school difficult or impossible. Online curriculum accommodates a variety of learning styles, in particular adult learners.

Concord Law School Online:

Concord Law School offers an entirely interactive program of legal education online. That means students access course materials, watch video lectures, attend live classes, take exams, check their module progress, go to the library, meet with other students in the lounge, and contact their professors and the administrative staff — all through Concord’s online learning podium.
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Degrees Offered:

1)    Juris Doctor (JD)
Juris Doctor; a four-year, part-time program satisfies the legal education requirement of the State Bar of California and cultivates the skills and knowledge derived from a rigorous JD curriculum.

2)    Executive Juris Doctorsm (EJD)
Executive Juris Doctorsm; a three-year, part-time program pioneered by Concord Law School that provides individuals with an interest in the law, or those whose career would benefit from advanced legal knowledge, the opportunity to participate in law school courses without the regulatory hurdles associated with becoming a member of the Bar.

Quote of the Day

"Education is not the answer to the question. Education is the means to the answer to all questions"
(William Allin)