Crime Scene Investigation Online Degree

{slider About Crime scene investigation Degree|close}Crime scene investigation officer is basically concerned with detecting all types of crimes that occur in our society. They are also sometimes called forensic scientists. They identify criminals and evaluate evidence against them by using science as main tool. These usually act as scientists and figure out the smallest details related to crime scene. Forensic evidence is usually centre stage during trials of different criminal activities. Mostly forensic investigators specialist in any one area such as firearm examination, fingerprint matching or DNA testing.
{slider Career options in Crime scene investigation}Over the time crime scene investigation degree has become quite popular amongst students. The reasons are quite obvious because with improved technology the types and ways the crimes are committed have improved. Therefore forensic investigation has become need of the hour. It has many different specialized field, normally scientists choose one of the following field:
  • Some forensic investigators only work at the scene of a car accident
  • Some only analyze dead bodies to find out how a person died
  • and some will only go to a crime scene to find clues that could help them find the culprit
There are a lot of places where forensic investigator could find a job. Some of the most common job places are given below:
  • ​Crime Scene Analyst
  • Coroner offices
  • Hospitals
  • Universities
  • Police departments
  • Independent labs
  • Non-Sworn Forensic Personnel
{slider ​Earning Potential / Salary}
There are different specialities in field of forensic science, so it is difficult to give the exact salary but generally speaking experienced forensic investigator may earn between $40,000 to $85,000 per year. The fresh graduates or who have taken an early start earn approximately $30,000 and $45,000 per annum. {/sliders}

Main Courses offered

  • Criminalistics
  • Aspects of Forensic Psychology
  • Medical and Legal Death Investigation
  • Criminal Justice Research Methods
  • Applied Statistics
  • Comparative Criminal Justice Systems
  • Crime Victim Studies
  • Constitutional Law
  • Cultural Diversity in Criminal Justice
  • Ethics and Criminal Justice
  • Advanced Topics in Corrections
  • Senior Capstone in Criminal Justice
  • Cybercrimes

Crime Scene Degree Variations

There are diverse opportunities to become a crime scene investigator. Also there are many criminal investigation graduate degrees offered. Some of the most commonly opted are given below:

  • Associate in Criminal Investigation
  • Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Investigation
  • Bachelor of Science in Crime Scene Investigation
  • Bachelor of Arts in Crime Scene Investigation
  • Bachelor of Financial Crime Investigation Degree

Colleges with Crime Investigation Major

There are many famous crime scene investigation colleges around the globe which offer various criminal investigation degrees. Also there are various online court reporting schools which have wide range of options for the students to choose amongst various crime scene investigator online degree. Some of the most famous online crime scene investigation schools are given below:
  • Kaplan University  
  • Everest College Phoenix
  • American Inter Continental University
  • Saint Leo University
  • University of Maryland University College
  • Utica College  
  • Salem International University
  • Everest University   

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