The Ph.D. or Doctor of Philosophy is the most advanced degree a student can obtain. Other than PhD, doctoral degrees also include the juries doctorate, a law degree, the D.A. or doctor of arts degree (which typically has an emphasis on teaching), and a DD or doctor of divinity (obtained by the clergy). Unlike a bachelors and masters degree the doctorate is not awarded upon completion of a predetermined list of course requirements, but rather the degree is rewarded according to the proven intellectual capacities of the student along with his or her potential for future scholarly contributions so that he/she can make a significant contribution to the theory and literature in his/her field. Mostly the time and the research involved prevents most from seeking this advanced degree as the average amount of time required to earn a Ph.D. is five years. That is the reason only one in 100 Americans call themselves "doctor." Earning a PhD, particularly for those who have already earned their master's degree has been made quite convenient through distance learning PhD programs, thus increasing the opportunity for you to be recognized as a global leader in your field. Many online institutions attempted to make the study available via correspondence, such as through online distance degrees, and over time, these institutions have become as widely respected as any traditional campus. With 100s of programs available you have the choice of earning a PhD in IT, Science and Engineering, Business, Education, Criminal Justice, Health care, Human Services and other specializations.

Types of Online Doctoral Programs You Can Earn:
  • DA - Doctor of Art of Administration
  • DBA - Doctor of Business Administration
  • EdD - Education Doctorate
  • DPA - Doctor of Public Administration
  • EngD - Engineering Doctorate
  • PsyD - Psychology Doctorate
  • DSc - Doctor of Science
  • DHum - Doctor of Humanities
  • JD - Doctorate in Law
Because the doctorate is an elite degree, program accreditation is a serious concern. Currently, there are only a few online schools offering doctorate degrees online that are listed at The prospective student should carefully assess the credentials of any online university before committing to a lengthy and difficult program of doctoral study.

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