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Teaching and Education Degree Programs and Courses {slider Teaching and Education Degree Programs and Courses|close} Teaching is one of the most demanding careers you can choose, yet it is also one of the most rewarding. Teaching requires multi-tasking work ability with high resistance, tolerance and patience. Some possible jobs for the teachers earned bachelor’s degree in teaching and education majors include:
  1. Elementary school teacher
  2. Middle school teacher
  3. High school teacher
  4. School principal
  5. Reading specialist
  6. Private tutor
  7. Adult education specialist
Several online accredited colleges and universities offer online degrees in education as well as online training in elementary education. Whether you're a recent high school graduate seeking to earn a bachelor's degree online for teaching and your online teacher certification, or an experienced teacher who wants to upgrade your skills with a master's in teaching, or doctorate in education, that may qualify you for a pay raise, complete resource for teachers and education professionals are available online. Since traditional classes aren't realistic for a lot of us, distance learning programs have so much to offer that they are the educational choice for the 21st century. It allows students to attend classes virtually at anytime and anywhere they want throughout their learning process. Through internet, you can learn and experience the classroom environment with all the facilities offered traditionally including interactions with current students through forums and chat rooms and 24/7 access to the e-library. {slider Scope of This Degree} A teacher is a basic need of today`s world. And with the increase in schools and educational institutes, teachers are highly in demand. By earning an Education degree, you can start teaching in any of the majors and in any institute as an Elementary school teacher, Middle school teacher, High school teacher, School principal, Reading specialist, Private tutor or as an Adult education specialist. {slider Career Options} A teaching degree holder can go for any of the following professions relating to education and teaching depending upon the experience and level of teaching degree.
  • Classroom teacher
  • Lecturer
  • Head of department
  • Head Teacher
  • Deputy headteacher
  • Subject Leader /
  • Co-ordinator
  • Special needs teacher
  • Assistant head teacher ​
  • Director/principal
  • Leadership/Excellence Teacher
  • Business manager/bursar
  • Examiner / Assessor
  • Educational psychologist
  • Vice / Deputy Principle
  • Advanced Skills Teacher
  • Teaching assistant
  • Tutor

Find out teaching / education degree career trends and jobs using Job Search Engine. {slider Expected Annual Salary} According to bureau of labor statistics (BLS), the average annual salary of postsecondary teachers, during May 2008 was $58,830. With the extremes of $ 28,870 for the lowest 10 % and $121,850 for highly paid top 10%.

According to payscale, following are a few of the salaries of teaching professions.
  • College / University Teacher ---- $38,460 to $56,796 per year
  • High school teacher ----- $35,323 to $51,173 per year
  • Elementary School Teacher ---- $32,555 to $46,101 per year
  • Preschools teacher ---- $10,55 to $14,27 per hour
Find salary of the teaching career you choose, based on geographic location and experience, using online Salary Calculator. ​{/sliders}

Job Opportunities

Vocational education
According to bureau of labor statistics (BLS) in 2008, education teacher held more than 1 lac 15 thousand jobs (115,000) jobs with the prediction that these jobs will increase by 9% from 2008 to 2018. Among vocational education jobs:
  • Middle schools teacher held more than 15,000 jobs
  • Secondary school teacher held more than 99,000 jobs
​Postsecondary teachers
Another research conducted by BLS in 2008 shows that post-secondary teacher held about 1.7 millions jobs. Following are the estimated figures for the jobs available for specific postgraduate teaching jobs during the year 2008.
Job Area Jobs 
Graduate teaching assistants
Health specialties teachers
Vocational education teachers
Art, drama, and music teachers
Business teachers
English language and literature teachers
Education teachers
Biological science teachers
Nursing instructors and teachers
Mathematical science teachers
Engineering teachers
Psychology teachers
Computer science teachers
Foreign language and literature teachers
Communications teachers
History teachers
Philosophy and religion teachers
Chemistry teachers
Recreation and fitness studies teachers
Sociology teachers
Postsecondary teachers, all other 

Degrees offered

These Teaching programs require a lot of research work to find the best program that fits you. 
Online teaching schools offer dynamic, engaging and highly focused online degree options that can help you advance your career:
  • Online Master's Degree
  • Online Doctorate Degree
  • Online Elementary Education
  • Online Secondary Education
  • Online Education Administration

​Top Online Schools:

At TheOnlineSchools.net we have compiled a short list of the best online colleges to get a teaching degree.
  • Nova Southeastern University - Multiple Florida Campuses
  • Kaplan University - Online
  • Walden University - Online
  • West Virginia University - Online
  • Capella University - Online
  • Grand Canyon University - Online
  • A.T. Still University - Online
  • Liberty University - Online
  • St. Joseph’s University Online
  • JIU - Jones International University - Online
  • Strayer University - Online
  • Ashford University - Online
  • Western Governors University - Online
  • University of Illinois - Online
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