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{slider About Information Technology (IT) Degree|close} Information Technology deals with all aspects of modern technology. With the constant development of computer courses training, there are Hundreds of online IT training courses available in a wide variety, ranging from the very basic computer training online to more involved Microsoft training courses such as Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) at both Professional and End levels. {slider Scope of Online Information Technology} ​In recent days, Certified Professionals are highly in demand in IT field and it has even become a requirement to be a professional. With the evolution of Technology, Technology based training "TBT" has become a modern need and can enable you to become both more efficient and effective. It helps you to keep up to date with the latest technology while providing a hands-on approach to individuals for ultimate opportunities of employment.

Information Technology (IT) / Computer Science (CS) professionals are expert in technology management, advanced communications, computer hardware and have detailed knowledge of how computers work in processing information. {slider Career Options}
Computer science degree holders has endless demand in today’s technological world, every business model, either directly or indirectly is based on OR part of computer technology. Further the deployed technological system has to executed and maintained and updated by computer science professionals. Following are a few of the career options of online computer science degree holder.
  • Database analyst
  • Field engineer
  • Network administrator
  • Network engineer
  • Programmer
  • Research and Development (R & D) designer
  • Systems analyst
  • Systems design analyst
  • Systems engineer
  • Systems programmer
  • Technical Consultant
  • Technology Management Training Track
  • Technology Support/Customer Service
  • Usability testing
  • Technical support representative
  • Web Developer
  • Web Designer
  • Biology/chemistry informaticist
  • Business technology analyst
  • Database developer/manager
  • Digital artist
  • Digital library specialist
  • Information architect
  • Interaction designer
  • IT Consultant
  • Multimedia specialist
  • Network manager
  • Software developer
  • System administrator
  • Technical writer

{slider Annual Median Salary}
An online computer science (CS) / information technology (IT) degree holder can earn a minimum of US $40,000 to over US $400,000 a year. This salary range is based on location, experience, and area of expertise. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in 2006, the average salary of Information Technology (IT) / Computer Science (CS) degree holder was US $93,950

Average salary of the following in 2006 was:
  • Database Administrator (DBA) - $64,670
  • Network Systems Analysts - $64,600
  • Data Communication Analysts - $64,600
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{slider Degrees Offered}User subjects are offered by over 100 schools and colleges to give their students a better chance of future employment. An array of, "best in class" quality, business related e-learning trainings and courses includes.


  • Microsoft
  • Basic Computing
  • Cisco
  • Computer Hardware
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Computer Security
  • Computer Topics
  • Computers
  • Data Management
  • Databases
  • Desktop Applications
  • Graphics and Multimedia
  • Game Design
  • Information Systems
  • Information Security
  • Information Science
  • Information Assurance
  • Information Technology
  • Internet
  • Netscape
  • Networks    
  • Novell
  • Operating Systems
  • Oracle
  • PC Repair
  • Online security degree
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Programming
  • Quantitative Management
  • Software Development
  • Software Engineering
  • System Administration
  • Systems Analysis
  • Technical Support
  • Technology Management
  • Telecommunications
  • Web Design
  • Web Development

The above mentioned online IT and Computer Science education can be classified as follow:
Certificate in Information Technology (IT) & Computer Science
  • Cisco Career Certification
  • Sun Java Certification
  • Microsoft Certification
  • Oracle certification
  • Certified Internet Web Professional - CIW Certification
  • Computer Technology Industry Association - CompTIA Certifications
Associate in Information Technology (IT) & Computer Science
  • Associate in Information technology
  • Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) in Information Systems (IS) Management
  • Associate of Arts (A.A.) in Database Development
  • Associate of Arts (A.A.) in Information Technology Support
  • Associate of Arts (A.A.) in Programming
  • Associate of Arts (A.A.) in Web Design
  • Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S) Degree in Applied Information Technology (IT)
  • Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S) in Help Desk Administration
  • Associate of Business Administration (A.B.A) Computer and Information Technology
  • Associate of Science (A.S.) in Information Technology
Bachelors in Information Technology (IT) & Computer Science
  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Database Administration
  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Business System Analysis
  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Web Technologies Degree Completion
  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Computer & Information Science
  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Business Studies w.r.t Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Cybersecurity - Cyber Crime Investigations and Forensics
  • Bachelor of Information Technology & Security
  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Information Technology Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) - Computer Systems
  • Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology - Business Minor
Masters in Information Technology (IT) & Computer Science
  • M.S. in Information Technology
  • M.S. - General Information Technology
  • M.S. in Information Technology Business Intelligence
  • Master of Public Administration - Information Technology
  • MBA - Information Technology Management
  • Master of Science (M.S.) in Leadership - Information Technology
  • Master of Science (M.S.) in Managing Information Technology
  • Master of Science (M.S.) in Internet Systems
  • Master of Science (M.S.) in Information Technology – MSc in IT
Ph.D. in Information Technology (IT) & Computer Science
  • PhD - General Information Technology
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