Oracle Certifications Online

Oracle certified professionals have expertise in database management, processing and administration. An Oracle certified should always be up to date and fresh with latest oracle releases though oracle certifications. These certifications includes,
  • 10g Database Administrator - 10g DBA
  • Oracle 11g Certification - 11g
  • 8i Database Administrator - 8i DBA
  • Oracle 9i Internet Application Developer
  • Oracle Certified Associate - OCA
  • Oracle
  • 10g Oracle Certified Associate - 10g OCA
  • Oracle 11i Certification - 11i
  • 9i Database Administrator - 9i DBA
  • Linux Certification
  • OCP8 to OCP8i Database Administrator Upgrade - OCP8 to OCP8i DBA Upgrade Exam
  • PeopleTools Advanced Developer Certified Expert - PADCE
Oracle certified professional can earn a minimum salary of US $69,052 per year to maximum of US $100,097per year with the median annual salary of US $83,768. Find exact salary of specific Oracle certification using Salary Calculator.

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