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About Multimedia Degree
A multimedia degree will inculpate a sense of creativity enabling members to under take and create special effects, animation, visual effects and others using videos, games, films and electronic and media tools at their disposal. Multi-media artistic will be able to fuse the knowledge of creativity and technology to come up with optimum results in the field of print media, electronic arts, designs and other such fields. The degree introduces arts knowledge along with other technical graphics skills to produce a gem of a multimedia specialist.

Scope of Multimedia Degree
The degree stretches across a range of available topics including designs, painting, ceramics in the fields of film, electronic and print media. The degree expands its horizons in the principles of design, computerized designing, commercial graphics productions, and studio arts. The degree in fine arts can all these, online course in multimedia will entail all this knowledge amongst individuals while maintaining  peace at home and avoiding all living and traveling expenditures. As per statistics an average surfer spend just 4 seconds while reading 100 words on a webpage for this reason it is vital for multimedia managers to come up with technology that and cutting edge graphics to attract surfers and help them stay on the page for longer.

Job opportunities in Multimedia
Multimedia professional currently hold vital position in designing firms, print magazines, mailing agencies, advertisement firms and others. As of 2008 around 79,000 employees were working in the specified fields. It is said that the jobs in this field would continue expanding with a growth rate of 14%-19% with around 29,000 more job openings to be expected in the coming ten years.

Career Options for Multimedia Degree
The multimedia analysts hold some very vital positions in the industry some of them are described here as:
  • Multimedia analyst
  • Multi-media Specialist
  • Animator
  • Multimedia Artist
  • Multimedia Illustrator
  • 3D Animator
  • Animation Director
  • Animation Producer
  • Digital Artist
  • Project Planner and Creative Director
  • Multimedia Production Designer
  • Multimedia Graphic Artist
  • Software Designer & Developer
  • Instructional Designer
  • Virtual Reality Environment Designer
  • Digital Designer & Illustrator
  • Digital Storyteller
  • Digital Videographer & Editor
  • Marketing Materials & Packaging
  • Media Producer
  • Designer
  • Web Site Designer & Developer
Expected Annual Salaries
As per the statistics of the US bureau of Labor the median annual salaries of Multimedia analysts comes out to be around $41, 280 as of the year 2007. The annual salaries varied as per the demographics, area and location of industry, post and level of creativity in the industry.

Top Online Schools offering Multimedia Degree
The top online schools offering degree in the field of multimedia are described here as
  • University of Phoenix
  • Westwood College - Online Campus
  • The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division
  • American College of Technology
  • Bryant & Stratton College - Online
  • Rasmussen College Online

Degree being offered in Multimedia
A large set of degrees are being offered in the field of multimedia. Some of the major degrees being offered on some online schools are:


  • Multimedia Certificate
  • Multimedia Advanced Certificate
  • Multimedia Masters Certificate
  • Multimedia Technologies Associate Degree - Digital Design and Animation Emphasis
  • Online Associate Degree in Multimedia
  • Associate of Applied Science in Graphic Design and Multimedia
  • Associate of Applied Science in Multimedia Technologies
  • Associate of Applied Science in Multimedia Technologies - Web Design
  • BS in Information Technology - Multimedia and Visual Communication
  • Bachelor Degree - Web Design and Multimedia
  • Web Design and Interactive Media
  • Information Systems and Multimedia Technology
  • Interactive Media Design

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