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Computer was one of the most valued and important invention of twentieth century, this super machine has gained popularity very soon because of its great processing ability which saves time and makes the life much comfortable. Computers have now become a need of humanity, one can’t really think of life without  computers as we have now become so much dependent on computers just because of its great benefits that makes our life easier, in-fact changes it to a positive direction.

About the Course
Online computer repair degree holders are able to diagnose personal computer problems related to hardware and software. Computer technicians are also called computer service technicians or data-processing equipment repairers because of the ability to repair personal computer/mainframes/servers and its peripheral devices including printers, scanner, disc drivers and network equipments.

Online computer repair course offers extensive study and real life simulation of technical computer problems to make the student able to work efficiently in his practical career job. Computer repair programs are concentrated on following courses.

  • Installing Operating systems
  • Installing Software applications
  • Software trouble shooting
  • Network and hardware maintenance
  • Network installation and repair
  • Hardware repair
  • Networking
  • End-user efficiency
  • Upgrading and installing devices
  • Building personal computers
  • Evaluating computer performance
  • Computer peripherals and process optimization

Responsibilities of a Computer Repair Technician
Following is the summarized list of computer technician responsibilities in different areas.

  • Troubleshooting networks and computer programs
  • Troubleshooting any hardware part of computer
  • Installing software and hardware
  • Designing and implementing a secure network
  • Supporting desktops and servers
  • Managing a range of databases
  • Upgrading any software or hardware feature
  • Helping with web development
  • Developing processes and procedures to train others
  • Printer, scanner and  fax machine related issues
  • Learning Computer technician team management
  • Gaining knowledge about different operating systems (OS) - MS Windows, Macintosh, and Linux operating systems
  • Installation of computer peripherals and other hardware
  • Installing fresh copy of operating system

Following is categorized information about a few of the common responsibilities area

Automated Teller Machine (ATM)
Besides resolving problematic computers and its peripherals, an online computer repair degree holder can also work around Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) to solve basic problems. Automated Teller Machine (ATM) serves to solve problems related to repairing and maintaining these machines.

Office Equipment
Computer repair degree holders also get their hands on office equipment including photocopy machine, cash registers, fax machines etc. The latest models of office equipments are advanced and are more computerized to be maintained, serviced and repaired by computer technician.

Scope of Course
The need and requirement of computers is growing in every dimension as technology advances in leaps and bounds, almost every field now requires computers at large scale to work efficiently and effectively. Therefore, the number of computers needing maintenance, installation and repairing specialists is increasing. Like plumber, telecom and electronics technicians getting steady and potentially lucrative working opportunities, computer repair personal is also getting good salaries to maintain reasonable living standard.

Earning Potential
An average income of computer repair technician is a bit more as compared to other technicians, which is US $40,430 per year (in 2004), this average annual income is expected to increase as the computer demand is constantly increasing. Some computer repair technicians normally work on hourly wages of a minimum of US $ 11.19 per hour to US $ 16.79 per hour with the median hourly salary of US $ 13.7 per hour. According to US Department of Labor, an average hourly income of ATM, office equipment and computer technician is US $ 17.85. Another research states that bench or shop technicians earn more as compared to field technicians.

Find Exact salary of online computer (PC) repair technician using Salary Calculator based on geographical location and experience.

Job / Career Opportunities

A computer technician has following career options:

  • Field technicians
  • Support specialist/technicians
  • Systems Administrator
  • Customer Support Agent
  • Database Manager

Besides field technicians (who visit home/office to resolve the technical issues), there are also computer support specialist/technicians who can help solve your problems by phone or online chat. This technical support is given to computer uses to guide then in way that they can solve their computer related issues. Technicians are normally required to visit upon equipment failure, which a novice device operator can’t handle. Bench technicians prefer to stay at one location to cater walk-in clients for the repairing of computer devices; they can work for some repair shop or become an entrepreneur to start a computer repairing business.

According to government economist, the jobs for computer repair, office equipment and ATM technicians will rapidly increase in next eight years.

Computer Repair Certifications / Degrees
The most popular computer technician certificate is A+® certification exam, many people who have higher career plans start off with A+® certification and then go for advanced and high paying certification which includes Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), or Certified Novell Engineer (CNE).

Two years online associate degree can be earned with concentration towards computer applications, personal computer (PC) repair & maintenance and basic networking, as well as basic problem-solving skills. You will typically enter the field by working on personal computers and then progress towards sophisticated technology, such as network installation and maintenance.

Tools used by Electronics
Computer Repair Technicians
Following are a few of the technical tool used by computer repair and technician to diagnose the condition and problems. Multi meters to measure voltage, current and resistance, Signal Generators for identifying signals, Oscilloscopes to understand device signals. Technicians are also equipped with tools including screw drivers, solders, and wrenches etc facilitate solving the problem.

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