LA College Online

LA College International ceased operations on 12/31/12. 


Founded in 1981, LA College international situated in USA, is a one of the leading institute in the field of distant learning. Providing general education and specializes students to develop both their personality by coloring it with different decent traits and professional knowledge to achieve their goals and re-shape their future in a better way.


The mission of LA College International is to provide quality career-oriented post-secondary education for students seeking "A better career and a better life and who want to compete in modern world." The college strives to accomplish this through it`s commitment to professional education, able staff and teachers, and superior student services provided in the online and on-campus programs.

The Core Values of the College depends on 9 major principles, on which the college emphasizes strongly.

1) Integrity
  • Honesty and Loyalty towards work and doing the right thing. Acting in a manner that builds an impeccable reputation.
2) Compliance
  • Manifestation of an active role in learning and performing within the rules and regulations of the college.
3) Professionalism
  • Respecting commitments to others, studies and work. Being responsive, quick and punctual, Holding the character to the Highest Standards.
4) Assertiveness
  • Studying and working with a sense of purpose oriented task and urgency to drive toward the goals. Being proactive and the power of forecasting in a short time and in an accurate way.
5) Quality and Service Excellence
  • Focusing on quality of education and work with a great speed.
6) Communications
  • Being well describer and possessing a vast vocabulary.
7) Teamwork
  • Able to co-operate, understand and compromise in a hard working environments.
8) Empowerment to Make Decisions
  • Self confident and polite without being aggressive.
9) Industry Development
  • Exploring, implementing and sharing best trends and advanced ways. Experiencing the industrial changes being made and molding according to the needs of modern technology.

The Education provided at College:

The college provides both on-campus and online education facility to everyone around the world possessing GED or the equivalent and serves diverse multicultural community. Expanding from the field of computer sciences into business management and health care and criminal justice, LA College is capable of providing the World students who are specialized in their respective fields.

Through distant learning or online education the college offers various numbers of programs that are easily accessible to everyone and are less costly than in-campus education. It works best for people who have work load enough that they are unable to attend college. In, In-campus education, students have to attend college on regular basis. The curses offered ranges from certificates to diplomas, associate degrees to bachelors and masters.

The college develops essential abilities in the students even through distant learning. College expects it`s graduate to be literal, articulate, manner able and knowledgeable, and to exhibit professional attitude about the specific field.

Services Offered:

The college offers various services to it`s customers and students for example, 24/7 accessibility to library,  highly trained coaching staff, guiding councils, chat facilities to online learners, after class problem discussions, extra curricular activities and educational help to online students through various professional chat rooms.

Courses Available:

Associate`s Programs

1) Business Management
  • Accounting
  • E-Commerce
  • Small Business Management
2) Health Care Administration
  • Billing and Coding
3) Criminal Justice

Bachelor`s Programs

1) Business Management
  • Accounting
  • E-Commerce
2) Health Care Administration
  • Management Info. Systems
3) Criminal Justice

Quote of the Day

"Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance"
(Will Durant)