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Criminal Law Online Degree
Criminal law is the subsidiary of law that deals with events that are more severe in nature and generally ask for sever punishments. Action such as murder, kidnapping, and other sever kind of tax evasions etc. A degree in law that concentrates on criminal law will enable candidates to develop expertise in such cases that deal with the above mentioned categories. Criminal law also addressed as penal law deals with the rules and regulation that govern punishment upon those who fail to comply with certain rules and procedures of society. The candidates will develop expertise in deal with cases such as execution, parole, probation, liberty and fines imposed by state etc.

Scope of Criminal Law
There is a great scope for people with criminal law degree they find employment for themselves in law enforcement agencies to law and other legislative firms. The demand for those individuals is on the rise with the increasing crime rate across the United States and Canada. As per the statistics of the US bureau of Labor the demand for these professional is likely to soar in the coming years. Majority off the people will find themselves working with the police, FBI and other such agencies to eradicate crime from the streets. Others would have them positioned at the firm who will work on ensuring sentences in the court of law.

Degree and courses offered
Some of the degrees being offered in criminal justice are mentioned here

Associates Degree in
Criminal Law
  • AA in Criminal Justice
Bachelors Degree in Criminal Law
  • BS in Criminal Justice Administration
  • BS in Criminal Justice Administration - Human Services
  • BS in Criminal Justice Administration - Institutional Healthcare
  • BS in Criminal Justice Administration - Management
  • BS in Organizational Security and Management
  • Bachelor's - Business Administration - Security Management
  • Bachelor Degree - Criminal Justice
Masters Degree in Criminal Law
  • MS in Administration of Justice and Security

Job opportunities in Criminal Law Degree
Criminal law degree holders find themselves holding many attracted and powerful titles. Some of them have been mentioned below:
  • Attorney
  • Associate
  • Attorney
  • Lawyer
  • Associate
  • Assistant Attorney General
  • Deputy Attorney General
  • City Attorney
  • County Attorney
  • Partner,
  • Assistant Counsel
  • Bailiff
  • Border patrol agent
  • CIA agent
  • Corrections officer
  • Court reporter
  • Crime scene investigator
  • Customs agent
  • Detective
  • Drug enforcement agent
  • FBI agent
  • Industrial security specialist
  • Law librarian
  • Legal secretary
  • Paralegal
  • Police officer
  • Postal service investigator
  • Private investigator
  • Probation & parole officer
  • Secret service agent
  • Sheriff
  • U.S. Marshall
  • Warden 

Career Options

The career opportunities are immense for people with these degrees, at present some 1,699,000 people are working in this field with a projected growth rate in the above figure of 19% it is said that some 552,900 job will be added to the above making it an attractive profession for many to join.
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Expected Annual Salary
The salary largely depends on the type of profession a person join after completing his degree. As per the statistics for the US bureau of Labor the mean average for people in this profession was around $49,630.
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Top Online Schools offering Criminal Law Degree
The top online schools offering degrees in this regard are summed up as below
  • Bryant & Stratton College - Online
  • DeVry University
  • Westwood College - Online Campus

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