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Online Business Law Degrees
A business is any activity undertaken with the motive to earn profit. Business law also know as commercial law is a subsidiary of law that deals with all the legal aspects of business. Business law is somewhat considered a branch of civil law. In short a degree in business law will enable candidates to keep a company legally sound by providing for all information of contract law, labor laws, companies law etc. It helps you deal with all the legal aspects of rules and regulations that govern the terms of trade in the legal acceptable manner. It provides candidates with useful information regarding customs, import and export duties and condition that are being imposed by the home state and the receiver’s state vice versa. In a nutshell the degree will enable candidates to explore the business administration and corporate side of the business and enable them to link it to law.

Business Law Degree Overview
Moreover as the world`s business environment is changing constantly, not only the big multi-billion dollar corporations, rather even a small tiniest Mom & Pop stores needs advices from their legal advisers about special issues and regulations like complex tax and international commerce laws that affect international economic law. The good news for the students interested in business law is that now they can learn to be a business lawyer online. Online Business Law Degrees can be applied to a variety of law, business and political careers. Online Business Law Degrees include associate, bachelor, masters and Juris Doctorate (JD) programs. Online associate and bachelor degrees in Business Law can prepare graduates for legal assistant, law clerk and court reporter jobs or provide the legal knowledge necessary for launching successful businesses of their own. While a master Online Degree in Business Law, that typically requires independent research projects, completion of comprehensive exams and/or a dissertation, get students more advanced jobs in the business world like. Graduates of Online Business Law Degree programs can pursue further studies and can find jobs in business management or launch businesses of their own.

Scope of Business Law Degree
With increase in business activity and transactions comes the scope for business law. The main job of the business lawyers is to prepare for proper documentation such as contracts, letter of credits, property documentation. They need to have credible information of government regulations, property interests and union laws in any company. These individuals are largely hired as advocates and sometimes as advisors to the main corporate body of any industry or enterprises. As per the statistics put forward by the US bureau of Labor statistics the demand for these individuals in the US is likely to soar in the coming years.

Specializations for students
Business law students can take on the following major areas of interest:
  • Contracts and Bargaining
  • Corporate Finance Law
  • Negotiating commercial transaction documents
  • Finance of Real and Personal Property
  • Contracts
  • Entrepreneurship Law
  • Finance of Real and Personal Property
  • Exchange & Liability
  • Anti-trust law
  • Banking law
  • International Securities Regulation
  • White Collar Crime
Degree and courses offered
There are not a lot of options for students to study this course online however the few are mention here within

Certificates in Business Law

  • Certificate of Proficiency in Business Law
Associates Degree in Business Law
  • Associate in Science Degree in Business Administration, Concentration in Business Law
Bachelors Degree in Business Law
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration, Concentration in Business Law
Masters Degree in Business Law
  • LL.M. in Technology & Intellectual Property Law
  • LL.M. in International Business Law
  • Master of Public Administration - Law and Public Policy
  • Master of Science in Law (MSL) - Human Resource Law for Non-Lawyers

Job opportunities in Business Law Degree
A number of job opportunities exist for people who feel like pursuing the business law degree some of the options are mentioned here
  • Corporate lawyer
  • Business consultant
  • Legal executive
  • Corporate executive
  • Entrepreneur
  • Business administrator

Expected Annual Salary

Corporate lawyers are very handsomely paid in the United States. Some professions are more paid then the others. The average mean salary for business lawyers in the United States of America is around $126,250 per annum.

Top Online Schools
The few universities in which this degree is being offered are stated as below
  • Kaplan University
  • Walden University

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