Environmental Law Schools

Environmental laws set up by state and federal ruling are enforced by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). With the existence of these laws, individuals or groups can bring attention of the society to environmental problems or violations and take action with the help of environmental lawyers. Environmental lawyers usually evaluate cases involving pollution, chemical spills, toxic waste dumping, wetland destruction, land development, solid waste, natural resource usage, wildlife protection and Indian Rights. From the past one decade environmental law has gained a lot of importance as more individuals and companies are becoming concerned about the welfare of our natural resources society`s welfare because some chemical and environmental hazards can lead to serious consumer illnesses and cancers. Now the Earth`s water, soil and air could be protected legally by learning to be an environmental lawyer online. But to enroll in the environmental law online program lawyers must hold Juris Doctor (JD) degrees, Undergraduates may benefit by beginning with the online study of environmental sciences combined with online legal studies to get a basic foundation.

Typical Curriculum for an online Environmental Law Degree
  • Ocean and Coastal Law
  • Natural Resources
  • International Environmental Law and Policy
  • Land Conservation Law
  • Conservation Theory
  • Clean Air Act
  • Environmental and Human Rights
  • Energy Law and Policy
Online environmental law courses can also be helpful for professional lawyers who want to seek continuing education so that they could remain up to date on current environmental issues and laws. By broadening their knowledge, these professional lawyers may be able to better approach legal situations and provide better counseling. There are numerous environmental courses offered by top online law schools enlisted at TheOnlineSchools.net for the interested lawyers.

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