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The Internet evolution has drastically changed the business landscape, as we know that for new business there is simply no question that an online presence is a must need. No matter what type of business plan to start with, a website is an absolutely necessary marketing strategy; moreover it also leaves your mark in internet history.  There are millions of websites in the world of various business models that generates million of dollars of profit through e-commerce. Therefore for conducting an online business it’s more important than ever for an e-business professional to understand the possibilities and limitations of internet laws, and how to best employ sound legal fundamentals in this rapidly changing technological landscape. From a business standpoint, many emerging legal aspects of the Internet have the potential to affect the development of any kind of business campaign. An online internet law degree provides a firm foundation in commercial law and E-commerce (internet) laws, covering the latest internet and technology-based intellectual issues. The online course material for specialization in E-commerce Law offers online classes such as: Introduction to E-Commerce Law, Cyber Crime and Techno-torts, Online Privacy Law, Online Contracting, Global E-commerce Taxation and Intellectual Property, are offered by various online accredited law schools listed at

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