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The Environmental sciences are becoming more and more important every day as the quality and condition of the Earth's environment has reached a critical juncture. The objective of the ES program is to provide students with a holistic consciousness of environmental issues of local, national, and global importance. General awareness among the public about the dangers of global warming is creating an increasing demand for environmental specialists in both the public and private sectors. In addition to the conventional opportunities for environmental specialists in the government agencies that is to oversee conservation, wildlife, forestry and waste management, many companies (small and large) are also "going green" and need qualified professionals to help them establish and manage new environmental policies. People obtaining a online degree in Environmental Studies might be qualified to enter the following career fields Oceanography, Climatology, Environmental Geology, Environmental Management, Environmental Politics and Philosophy  and Conservation. Online Classes in Environmental Studies often include developing an understanding of the relationships between humans and the impact humans have on their environment. Your studies will focus on
  • Globalization
  • Cultural change
  • Social and economic development
  • Demographic change
  • Urbanization
  • Governance and political organization
  • Understandings of sustainability
  • Environmental ethics
  • Environmental governance

The online Bachelor degree in Environmental Studies is approximately 120-credit degree completion program, designed specifically for mid-career environmental professionals comprising associates or diploma in environmental studies, of distance education through online courses (some free online short course in environmental studies are also offered) . The flexible distance format has made online masters (m.a) or PhD degree in environmental studies ideal for adult learners. These graduates can become environmental policy analysts, environmental studies professors, environmental researchers and more. Now you can Search and compare environmental schools and colleges from theonlineschools.net `s Environmental School Directory for online environmental degree programs including: Environmental Engineering, Wildlife Sciences, Environmental Studies, Environmental Education, Forestry, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

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