New England College Online

The most buzzing world in today`s world is “Change” and that is what New England College brought to its students. Located in Henniker, a village of 4,000 residents just 90 minutes from Boston and 20 minutes from Concord, the state capital, New England College has been in one of the top leading colleges in US and provides online education to people of the world.  Michele Perkins, president of NEC since October 2007, is serving the college in a respectful way and helped it to rise from bottom to top.

New England College has over 50 years of success in challenging world and supporting students of diverse academic and cultural backgrounds in an atmosphere of mutual concern, cooperative members and respect. The goal is to ensure that students thrive as they strive to achieve their full academic, personal and social potential.


Since its founding, New England College has evolved to become a comprehensive college incorporating liberal arts and professional programs, with it`s high enrollment in business, education and social sciences the college has grown into one of the fastest growing colleges in USA. The college, per its mission statement, aims to be a “creative and supportive learning community that challenges individuals to transform themselves and their world.”  These all facts make it a modern world college.

Mission Statement:

New England College is supportive and challenging institutions that make students dare to change their lifestyle and future. The college is accredited by New England Association of Schools and Colleges Inc. (NEASC) through its Commission on Institutions of Higher Education. The Teacher Education Programs are approved by the New Hampshire Department of Education. Building upon a strong liberal arts foundation, students are challenged to reach their full potential through informed discourse and the pursuit of excellence. The college emphasizes on the following values:
  • Imaginative, innovative, and creative approaches
  • Respect for self in the development of personal, social physical and intellectual abilities
  • Caring and collaborative relationships among members of community
  • Respect for the varied qualities of individuals, communities and the world
  • An appreciation of beauty and elegance in the search for truth
  • Inquiry into and the pursuit of social justice
  • Ethical and responsible citizenship, including service to the community
  • The pursuit of ecological sustainability
  • Continuous learning and a lifetime of personal achievement

New England College Online:

New England College is now proud to offer online academic opportunities in a wide range of disciplines at both graduate and undergraduate level to prepare them for modern world. This online availability of New England College makes it easier for students to share the legacy of two centuries while sitting at home.

Academic Programs:

1)    Accounting
2)    Art
3)    Art History
4)    Biology and Health Science
5)    Business Administration
6)    Communication
7)    Creative Writing and Comparative Literature
8)    Criminal Justice
9)    Educational Studies
10)    Elementary Education
11)    Engineering
12)    English
13)    Environmental Science
14)    Environmental Studies
15)    Environmental Sustainability
16)    History
17)    Kinesiology
18)    Mathematics
19)    Outdoor Leadership
20)    Philosophy
21)    Physical Education
22)    Political Science
23)    Professional Writing
24)    Psychology
25)    Secondary Education
26)    Sociology
27)    Special Education
28)    Sport and Recreation Management
29)    Theatre
30)    Women`s Studies
31)    Writing

Quote of the Day

"A liberally educated person meets new ideas with curiosity and fascination. An illiberally educated person meets new ideas with fear"
(James B. Stockdale)