Online Associate Degree Programs

An online associate Degree is a type of undergraduate degree, once you get an associate's degree, you typically need another 2 years or 60 credit hours to earn an online bachelor's (college) degree, or you can go into the workforce at the entry level. If you want to change in your career but don't have the resources or time for a conventional four-year degree program, online associates degree is a shortened course of study that can be completed in a year or two, that means you pay less tuition and you're ready for your new job that much sooner.
Types of Online Associate Degree Programs:
  1. A.A. - "Online Associate of Arts" degree
  2. A.A.S. - "Online Associate of Applied Science" degree
  3. A.S. - "Online Associate of Science" degree
          Online Associates of science degree program includes:
  • Online Associate of Science in Accounting
  • Online Associate of Science in Business Administration
  • Online Associate of Science in Medical Assisting
  • Associate of Science in Graphic Art
  • On line Associate of Science in Criminal Investigations program
  • Online Associate of Science Degree in Business Management
All can be studied now with the convenience at your own home computer or from anywhere in the world, due to the advent of distance learning education. Now these degrees, providing entry-level job opportunities could be completed at your own schedule along with not avoiding your other priorities in life.

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