A.A. Online Associate of Arts Degree

An online Associate of Arts degree, also called an AA degree is typically an undergraduate degree of two years or four semesters in arts field. For the potential student who finds the idea of not committing four years to a traditional online graduate degree program, the Associate of Arts degree may be the perfect solution. Now this valuable intermediate goal can be obtained online as many schools offer regionally accredited online degree programs in Associate of Arts that will take the same amount of time as a traditional AA degree. Many art schools have developed innovative online Associate of Arts degree programs, with a major in the areas such as Fine arts, Humanities, English, Literature, Psychology or Sociology, that lead to work in such fields as graphic design, fashion design, photography, or architectural drafting. The online Associate of Arts Degree provides a broad education in liberal arts. A graduate of this major should be able to:
  • Demonstrate conceptual and hand skills in the visual arts.
  • Demonstrate creativity, critical thinking, problem solving abilities, and self-reliance.
  • Interpret and describe narrative and design characteristics in artwork.
  • Understand the interdisciplinary nature of knowledge.
  • Have effective skills for in-person and media-based interactions with individuals and within groups.
  • Understand the global society and processes of globalization from mostly, but not exclusively, non-Western and indigenous perspectives.
The online Associate of Arts degree programs prepare students to transfer to institutions offering specialized fine arts majors and related fields. Online and distance learning programs are specifically designed for individuals who cannot attend a full time program but are keen on enhancing their qualifications. The class works can be submitted online and take tests via email or fax, and live chat via the computer or telephone is also available. One more advantage of getting an online Associate of Arts degree is that, after you have completed you Associate of Arts degree and you decide you want more schooling, you can continue your studies, working toward a BA or online bachelor in arts, as Bachelor’s degrees offered by colleges and universities are generally for four years with 120 credits, These 60 credits earned from an online Associate of Arts degree can be transferred and will be counted in the four years bachelors program.

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