A.A.S. Online Associate of Applied Science

The online Associate of Applied Science degree (60-75 credit hours) is an advantage for the student who is preparing for entry level services in a career-oriented program of study or upgrading in a specific occupation. Associate of Applied Science online degrees may also be known by occupational specific titles such as online Associate in Computer Technology, online Associate in Business, etc, can also be transferred to 4 year college degrees. This online Associate of Science in Professional Studies program is designed for students who seek to precede their formal education while accommodating their demanding lifestyle. Each career concentration within the program is designed to provide a set of highly profitable skills in a specific profession, such as: Applied Psychology, Accounting, Business, Computer & Digital Forensics, Health care management, Computer Networking, Paralegal, Professional Writing, Software Development and Website.

One of the popular online Associate of Applied Science degree programs is an online Associate of Applied Science degree in Computer Information Systems. Online Courses taught in this Associate of Applied Science online program train students how to install wireless network systems, troubleshoot software and hardware problems, manage databases and complete web pages. Another known degree online Associate of Applied Science program is the online Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice. The online courses covered in this online degree program are basic criminal justice theory, criminal evidence, criminal procedure and constitution, introduction to terrorism, introduction to corrections, interview and interrogations, and more. An online Associate of Applied Science degree in Business Administration degree provides students with the skills and practical knowledge essential to operate and manage a business. Courses covered under this online undergrad degree programs are human resources management, small business management, effective communication, new product management and organizational management. Another common online Associate of Applied Science degree program is in accounting. This distance-learning program provides working adults with the opportunity to get an entry-level accounting position. Students in this online associates program courses will learn about the core concepts of accounting, taxation and financial analysis. Apart from these online university education degree programs online, online associate of applied sciences degree in web-design, Occupational Safety and Health, medical assistance, travel and tourism are also available.

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