Top Ten Computer Science Schools and Colleges

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1. Computers are one of the core parts of almost every aspect of our lives – from individual level, to social. Whether you are a student, or a professional, you ought to have enough of computer knowledge.
2. You can have a variety of lucrative careers to opt from, and these opportunities are expected to be replicated day by day in the nearest future.
3. With majors in computer sciences, one develops logical and problem solving thinking that helps in whatever field you choose.
4. The more you are creative and innovative, the more you have got chances to proliferate. No matter you do a full time job, part time, or freelance. You can make difference by sitting anywhere in the world.

If you are looking for a school which not only equip you with modern techniques and skills, but also provide you an array of opportunities to initiate your career, then you ought to look out for top 10 computer science colleges, which are listed below;

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

The CS programs in MIT, are considered to be pioneers and leading disciplines all over the world with dignified award winning faculty members. The school offers 2 different undergraduate programs respectively and abreast, masters and doctorate levels are also offered.

2. Stanford University:

The students at the Stanford University are offered a diverse curriculum. They not only are given the fundamental knowledge of the CS but instead they provide cutting edge practical     grounds to understand the practical implementation.

3. Carnegie Mellon University:

This university is known for pioneering much technological advancement that we enjoy today. The curriculum is broadening enough, ranging from programming, theory, design and beyond that.

4. University of California Berkley:

Earning a CS degree in UCB gives you new opportunities to study in the field while applying the fundamental knowledge.

5. Cornell University:

The CU offers a CS degree, which is a conglomeration of the basic CS skills set, to opportunities of exploring the computer graphics, artificial intelligence, computational biology etc.

6. University of Texas – Austin:

The CS department in the UTA is highly credited and given importance to as per the fact that the more research in the CS will meet the social and economic demands more efficiently. They offer undergraduate and as well as graduate degree programs.

7. University of Illinois:

This University is credited for producing the most known and highly notable entrepreneurial leaders in the CS field. It offers 3 CS undergraduate degree programs.

8. Princeton University:

Other than the ground work courses which are needed to understand the learnt fundamentals, the PU offers advanced technological courses as well like media, graphics etc which students can major in.

9. California Institute of Technology:

The CS program was started in 2004 at Caltech, however is considered to be top notch now. The curriculum is flexible, where students complete the course with independent study.

10. University of Washington:

The University offers 2 bachelor degrees, one in engineering and the other in CS respectively. This university is equipped with award winning faculty and moreover boasts award winning alumni makes it stand amongst the top rankers.

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