Top 10 Communication Colleges / Schools / Universities

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1. University of Pennsylvania:

The school of communication in this university is ranked best in the country because of its curriculum which covers a broad range of relevant course work.

2. Syracuse University:

The communications department in the SU offers broadcast journalism, journalism and even photography to be studies in the communications majors. The course integration takes place through computer based interactive multimedia sessions.

3. University of North Carolina at Chappell Hill:

The communications department at UNC has hundreds of undergraduates’ majors to offer. The communications program specifically focuses on the socio-political and eco-cultural institutions.

4. University of Michigan:

The University of Michigan’s communications program ruminates over the technological advancements that are facilitating the media and the communications respectively.

5. Pepperdine University:

The communications wing at the Pepperdine University is considered to be one of the best in the country. At the Pepperdine University, the communications major can be selected with concentration in advertising, journalism, public relations, leadership etc.

6. University of Kansas:

The communications department at KU has played a vital role in the communications play of the modern world. The perfect incorporation of technological measures along with the study modules has dignified the mode of study.

7. University of North Carolina at Charlotte:

The communications students studying at the university are taught the theory and the pertinent practice of communications within different fields and walks of profession.

8. Carolina State University:

The communications department of CSU creatively emphasizes on the communication relationship with the society and its cultural impact. The communications program which is offered covers a wide range of spectrum of understanding various communications disciplines.

9. University of Massachusetts Amherst College:

The communication division at the Amherst College has an inculcation process of the curriculum that develops a deep understanding of the relationship between the society and the culture.

10. Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

The MIT’s media department is a place for those persons who are looking for a career which is a more technologically contemporary communications program. This is a bit unique from the traditional communications programs as it offers a long history of traditional study and the Media studies covers television, game designing, digital art works, virtual worlds etc. The comparative media can be chosen as a singular or a joint major.

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