Top 10 Best Distance Education Schools in US

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1.    Westwood College

Westwood College in one of the top ranked schools that offers distant learning facility to its students and incorporates audio and video technologies sophisticatedly which gives actual classroom experience to students. The college also offers some free tuition, computer support, and other helpful services that let the students focus on their studies and career development.

Featured Programs:
  • Associate Degree - Automotive Technology
  • Associate Degree - CAD - Architectural Drafting
  • Associate Degree - Computer Network Engineering

2.    Walden University Online

With a diverse community of professionals and the opportunities to develop into scholars, Walden University is one of the top ranked 21st century online University.  The University offers many accredited online programs with various helpful services along with the best teaching staff. The graduates of Walden University can quickly apply their vast knowledge to modern world easily. The featured programs that are offered at the University are countless but some of them are listed below:

Featured Programs:
  • B.S. in Accounting
  • B.S. in Business Administration (English)
  • B.S. in Child Development - Preschool

3.    Kaplan University

Subjects are taught in all colleges but what gives uniqueness to Kaplan University is the teaching that emphasis on absorption of subject being taught and being able to apply that information in the modern practical world that helps a lot in student`s professional life. Teachers at Kaplan University teach in such a way that not only memorizes you what is being taught but students also learn the skills to apply their knowledge anywhere in the world. In addition to its 600 locations in 30 countries, Kaplan University also has a virtual campus that offers many courses. While some of the featured courses are listed below:

Featured Programs:

  • AAS in Accounting
  • AAS in Business Administration
  • AAS in Criminal Justice

4.    Keller Graduate School of Management of DeVry University

With more than 70 campuses all over US and Canada, DeVry University is one top ranked accredited university that offers many demanded and advanced courses at associate, bachelor`s and master`s level. All these programs are also taught online which provide student the flexibility to learn easily and at any time. Some of the most featured Programs being taught online at Keller Graduate School, a part of DeVry University, are as follows:

Featured Programs:
  • Associate - Accounting
  • Associate - Electronics and Computer Technology
  • Associate - Health Information Technology

5.    South University Online

Since 1899, South University is providing best teaching facilities to students. The online courses being taught at the university contains a variety of programs and is flexible. They let the students think beyond borders and act in accordance with the international standards. Some of the featured courses that the University offers to its students online are as follows:

Featured Programs:
  • Accelerated RN -MSN
  • Associate of Science in Accounting
  • Associate of Science in Allied Health Science

6.    Jones International University

Established in 1993, Jones International University has been ranked at 6 in the field of online education. The courses that the University offers focuses on the modern world advanced knowledge and offers students the flexibility of attend classes at anytime and anywhere they want. In addition, University also offers 24/7 library service and ask-teacher facility which makes it quite unique. Some of the featured online programs are as follows:

Featured Programs:
  • BABC in Communication Management
  • BABC in Sales and Marketing
  • BBA in Corporate Finance

7.    Strayer University

The university has 70 campuses spread all over the US and also a virtual campus and has over 44,000 students each year. Strayer University enrolls students from all over the world and most of these students are studying online. With this diversity of students, a new enrolled student feels much comfortable while studying because he gets the ability of sharing his views with other students from all over the world.

Featured Programs:
  • AA: Accounting
  • AA: Acquisition and Contract Management
  • AA: Business Administration

8.    Capella University

Online educational programs at Capella University offer wide flexibility of easy access at any time. The best quality of teaching at Capella University makes it unique and the University has now more 3100 online students. The university has online library services and enables the students to download assignments, discuss, and access teachers easily and at any time around the clock. All these great helpful facilities at the University, makes distant learning at the Capella University a distinct pleasure to learn and rise.

Featured Programs:
  • BPA - General Public Administration
  • BS - Accounting
  • BS - Business Administration

9.    Keiser University

Keiser University has many programs that are taught online and are easily accessible by students. Along with all the supportive facilities, the university also provides the best teaching staff that let the students to focus on their studies and develop into true scholars.

Featured Programs:
  • Accounting, AA (Online)
  • Accounting, BA (Online)
  • Business Administration - Finance, BA (Online)

10.    Argosy University Online

Founded in the year 2001by Dr. Michael Markovit, Argosy University offers many programs that are being taught online. These programs comes with a flexible criterion and offers anytime access to students and also includes all the relevant and advanced material with books and library. The University also offers a blend of educational technique which includes online and face-to-face interaction with teachers in addition; students may also attend on-campus classes. Argosy University programs are highly rated in modern world and attract many students from all over the world and this provides the university diversity in the world. Some of the featured programs that the University offers are as follows:

Featured Programs:
  • BA Psychology
  • BA in Liberal Arts
  • BS in Criminal Justice

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