Top Ten Political Science Online Schools / Colleges


Opting political science subject as a major, students are exposed to the present political systems. What efforts and methodologies are being carried out in the political systems of present, are studied in contrast to those in the past – to enhance the present skills and practices of political science. A degree in the political science stream can prove enough to open new horizons for the incumbents who intend to enter in to politics and other pertinent streams. All degrees pertinent to political science are also offered online, via distance education so that people from all over the globe can equally and mutually get benefited on a similar platform.


KU – a private university which offers numerous degree programs online; political science is one of them. It offers all degrees in political science, undergraduate, graduate etc which are delivered in an online learning environment. The Kaplan University is regionally accredited.


The Walden University is replete with dignified academic standards, the horde of experienced instructors and a meticulous curriculum. The curriculum is designed in a way which focuses more on the progression of professional life, instead of progressing towards the completion of the degree program.


The South University (established in 1899) is considered of the connoisseurs of delivering quality education with a set of personalized attention to students – online. The online degree program which is offered is designed to provide the students a freedom to attend the class at any time of day, and at any place, just through internet.


The Phoenix University are considered to be online education experts as with the force of campus-based and online education, the University have succeeded in maintaining an adept quality and standard of education especially focusing on the working students. No matter which degree you want to pursue, the University helps in reaching your academic goals.


An accredited university, which specializes in online education, is known to embark the distinguished quality of education, serving more than 30 K students, and more than 45 countries across the globe.


Saint Leo University is accredited the SACS to award the degree programs online. The University is Florida’s oldest university and was established in 1899 and offers a broad range of degree programs to choose from – through their accredited online learning center.


The Ashford University focuses on those students who need to balance their work life and study life equally. Founded in 1918 – the University is an ideal choice for those students who are either adults, working, or have not completed their degrees via campus and abreast, they are recognized as high quality providers.


The University was founded in 1949 and is a private university and accredited. It has a vast online data base and provides quality education offering all degree programs.


Argosy University offers flexible online programs in many fields. It has several campuses across the country but the major community out of those enjoys the benefits of their online education.


The University was established in 1892, and offers online education to the adult students in a very supportive, convenient and affordable learning environment. It has got more than 75 campuses online and over 54 000 students enrolled online.

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