3 Great Online Schools for Getting Your Bachelor’s

Distance learning, otherwise known as an online degree program, has become one of the most useful developments in modern higher education. It was easy to be skeptical at the beginning, but more and more universities are embracing this style of teaching and learning. These days, it’s possible to earn your entire bachelor’s degree through online coursework. How can you select from the abundance of schools offering this new way of getting your degree? How can you tell which programs are fluff and which are legit? 

The three schools have all received the highest rankings from U.S. News and World Report’s evaluation of online education. All are fully accredited, all offer degrees that can be completely entirely via the web, and all meet the student’s need for convenience by providing courses that have been recorded and uploaded into online archives.

Pace University

pace universityPace has long established itself as a top-notch university, and it continues that tradition of excellence with an online degree program. Each school within the university offers online coursework.  Students can choose from three B.S. degrees (in Professional Communication, Professional Technology Studies, or Nursing, respectively) or a B.B.A. in Business Studies.  Pace also supplies a special opportunity for students who are halfway finished with a bachelor’s degree to complete the rest online, ultimately earning a B. S. in Professional Technology Studies. Established in late 2004, Pace received the distinction of being the top school to earn your degree online from U.S. News and World Report. 

Daytona State College

daytona state college.A public college that has presented online coursework since 2006, Daytona State offers two bachelor’ s degrees completely online:  a B.A.S. in Supervision and Management and a B.S. in Engineering Technology.  Students interested in becoming teachers can compete part of their B.S. in Education online, but there’s no digital way to replace the necessary teacher observation hours and student teaching portion of the degree. Daytona State is unique in that it requires students to complete an Associate’s degree before entering the bachelor’s program.

St. John’s University

st.johns-uniThis private school has provided students with web-based learning opportunities since 2005.  Here, students can earn a B.A. in Liberal Studies, a B.S. in Administrative Studies, or a B.S. in Criminal Justice.  The application fee is waived when students apply online (read: free application).  The university’s faculty teaches seventy percent of the courses.  Many of St. Johns’ online alumni continue their education at the graduate level.

Admissions requirements vary with each institution but remain competitive. Just because coursework is takes place outside of the traditional classroom doesn’t mean it’s easy to complete --  or complete successfully. These schools are at the top of the list for many reasons, and earning a bachelor’s degree from their programs carries the same prestigious honor it would if you attended classes on campus. Luckily, the convenience of online education doesn’t mean having to forgo a top-notch degree program.

Great Online Schools
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