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Online Desktop Publishing Schools {slider About Desktop Publishing Degree|close}Desktop publishing is all about making a material such as books, business cards, calendars, magazines, slides, newsletters and newspapers etc. ready for publication with the help of computer software, numerical data, visual graphics, charts and photographs etc. Online desktop publishing program prepares you for a high-paying profession in one of the fastest-growing computer career fields! Students getting advanced training in desktop publishing online have great career opportunities in the field of print media or digital media. Degree in desktop publishing focuses on making a clear concept about technical, visual graphic and designing skills because after that students will be able to use professional applications like Macromedia, Adobe Photoshop, Flash or design web pages by using HTML, tables, frames, site maps, gateway etc. 

The top online desktop publishing schools offer self-paced education from certificates to online degrees in various fields of desktop publishing like graphic designing, typesetting, creating page layouts, and honing professional skills in DTP software applications. Online Desktop Publishing Certificates might be able to get accomplished in less than a year. 

Online Desktop Publishing School enlisted at education is delivered by trained instructors through interactive Internet media, and courses are available when students are ready to learn. A few free online desktop publishing courses are also at initial program levels.

There are various courses offered in desktop publishing giving the opportunity to apply different fields like Multimedia, web design and Business marketing etc. and taking a bold step towards a new career.

{slider Scope of Online Degree}Today there is a great demand of web developers, software and programming professionals. Since desktop publishing online therefore an online degree in desktop publishing as a great value in market and one will find ample amount of fields having great job opportunities.

{slider ​Careers in Desktop Publishing}Graduates have ample amount of opportunity in starting a good desktop publishing career, according to U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Outlook 2000-2010 Desktop Publishing is in the Top 10 fastest growing occupation since year 2000 to 2010. It is ranked at number 6 in the top 10 occupations. Some jobs offered in Desktop Publishing are artists and related workers; commercial and industrial designers; prepress technicians and workers; and writers and editors.{/sliders} {slider Degrees Offered|close}
  • Desktop Publishing & Design, Diploma Program
  • Desktop publishing Degree Certificate Online
An online Associate of Arts (AA) and online Associate of Science (AS) degrees are two year programs. In these fast-moving associate degree programs you’ll get hands-on training in:

In these fast-moving associate degree programs you’ll get hands-on training in:
  • Using Adobe InDesign® software
  • Page layout, elements of design, illustration, and printing
  • Planning and designing single-page or multi-page documents
  • Selecting, sizing, and placing art in documents
  • Creating an online document
In addition, the program includes training in specific technologies such as Adobe Pagemaker, Illustrator, QuarkExpress, PowerPoint, Corel, Ventura, and more
  • Desktop Publishing Courses Online
  • Introduction to Desktop Publishing
  • Introduction to Layout and Design
  • Text Features
  • Graphics
  • Additional Publication Features
  • Projects for DTP I
  • Photo Editing
  • Custom Colors
  • Advanced Layout and Design
  • Presentation Design
  • Web Page Design
  • DTP II Projects
{slider Expected Annual Salary}
Maximum annual salary for a desktop Publisher is $45,973 and minimum annual salary is $24,581.

{slider Top Online Desktop Publishing Schools}
  • University of Phoenix
  • AIU Online
  • Kaplan University
  • Stratford Career Institute
  • Cornermark Online University
  • ASHFORD University
  • KENT State University
  • The University of the District of Columbia
  • The University of New Hampshire
  • Florida State University

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