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{slider ​​​About Graphic Design Schools|close}A degree in graphic design prepares students to work effectively in the field of advertising, web designing, printing, commercial studios and all those field that deal with designs. The main task of graphic designers is to create and design graphics that meet the specific commercial needs of the clients such as promotion, logos, displays, advertisement and packaging. The major areas on which a graphic design degree will built on are the writing skills, aesthetic sense, cultural studies, socio sciences and most importantly having a grip on some graphic designing tool. The online degree can provided you with the skills while you continue enjoying the comfort of your home. With astonishing careers in the field of graphic designing a degree in this regards will be the way to go for many. The degree will work well with a combination of degree from other fields like business, mental sciences, artistry etc.
{slider Scope of the Graphic Design Degree}The scope of the online degree in Graphic designing is great. Especially in the areas of advertising, electronic media, 3D games, film studios and graphic production centers. The degree will enable you to respond to the changing aspirations of the consumers in this field and will enable its undertakers to have successful careers in this regard. Online computer graphic and design schools will equip candidates to carry on with the degree an measure the horizon of computer animated designs, and have a sense of practical implications of the knowledge with respect to the demands of the employers. 
{slider Expected Annual Salary}​Graphic design salaries are considerable and promising. In the year 2007 the average annual salary for the graphic designers came out to be around $55,000 as per the statistics of US Bureau of Labor. The median salary for graphic designers came out to be $41,280 as of year 2007. Find salary of the graphic design career you choose, based on geographic location, experience and degree concentration using online Salary Calculator.{/sliders} {slider Job Opportunities|close}Graphic design jobs have good prospects in the coming years as the field continues to grow averagely, very much in line with all other occupations. As of now there are about 286,000 employees in this field and an expected 128,400 job openings are expected to be offered till the year 2018. The demand for graphic designers is likely to grow in fields of advertising, computers and publishing sectors. Animation and web designing will be the major areas of employment in the long run. 
{slider Career Options|close}
A large assortment of careers awaits the people in the drafting profession Some Jobs in the field have been listed below:
  • Designer in some Advertising Agency
  • Creative Graphic Designer
  • Junior Graphic Designer (entry level Job)
  • Graphic Advertising
  • Quark Designer
  • 3D Graphics
  • AutoCAD Designer
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD) expert
  • Graphic Arts Designer
  • Graphics Developer
  • MAT LAB Graphic Expert
  • Coral Draw Expert
  • Photoshop Designer
{slider Top Graphic Design (CAD) Schools}
Following schools offer the best online education in the field of graphic designing.
  • Westwood College - Online Campus
  • The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division
  • Grand Canyon University
  • Academy of Art University
  • Penn Foster Schools
  • Stratford Career Institute
  • Ashworth College - US
  • Herzing University Online
  • Fortis College - Online (Formerly known as RETS College - Online)
  • Full Sail - Online
  • Western Career College - Online
  • Stevens - Henager Online
{slider Degrees Offered}
Individuals can select for a large assortment of degree being offered at some top online schools worldwide. Some of these have been listed below:
  • AssociateAS in Graphic Arts
  • AS in Graphic Design (Online)
  • Graphic Design - Associate
  • Associate Degree - Graphic Design and Multimedia
  • Associate of Science in Graphic DesignBachelor Degree in Graphic DesignGraphic Design
  • BS in Graphic Arts
  • Graphic Design, Bachelor of Science (Online)
  • Digital Graphic Design
  • BS in Graphic Design (Online)
  • Desktop Publishing and Design
  • Computer Graphic Artist
  • Graphic Design - Bachelor
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Advertising and Design
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design
  • B.A. in Communications: Graphic Design
  • Masters Degree in Graphic DesignGraphic Design - Master

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