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Top Celebrities who took Online Education​Online education is one of the easiest, convenient and effective means of distance education and is being adopted by students all around the globe. As they say, “I don’t care who you are, where you from, what you do; as long as you have a high speed internet connection!!” You can learn the Desert Geography while living in Alaska or can seek knowledge about Zoology even if you live in Ethiopia.

The amazing fact is that along with common students, various famous celebrities are turning towards Online Education. Here is the precise list of some famous Celebrities who took or are taking Online Distance Education.


Jessica Alba

There is no need to remind anyone of the beauty of “Dark Angel!” Jessica Alba is among the top Female Actresses of this time, with the movies like Sin City, Fantastic Four and The Eye at her credit. Alba completed her graduation in the young age of sixteen, by taking an online G.E.D Diploma from The American School of Independent Studies.


Ashley Judd

There are very few female stars that have been the symbol of both decency and sensuality throughout their career and Ashley Judd is one of them. Known best for her role in High Crimes, De-Lovely and Frida, Jude is counted among the most respected female celebs of date. She took her online degree in French from the University of Kentucky, exclusively for a role in one of her movies.


Adam Sandler

The new Jim Carrey of Hollywood, Adam Sandler is known for his many breathtaking comedies like 50 First Dates, The Animal and Big Daddy. But before he was a star, Adam Sandler completed his graduation from the New York University’s Online Education Program.


Hilary Duff

There are very few television musicals that came across the fame gathered by Lizzie McGuire, starring one of the cutest faces of all times, Hilary Duff. Known as the BABY DOLL of Hollywood, Duff has emerged as a promising new talent in last few years. Hilary Duff got enrolled in the Spring 2005 semester of Harvard Extension (Online) for her graduate degree.


Arnold Schwarzenegger

A “Terminator Mayer” would never be better than Arnold Schwarzenegger! After being awarded as “Mr. Universe” in only the age of 22, this muscleman has never looked back. From acting to modeling, everything was on his resume, until he added a “Political Crunch” with a direct shift to the seat of Californian Mayer! Arnold graduated with a degree in International Fitness Marketing from the University of Wisconsin.


Renee Zellweger

The beauty with the brain, Renee Zellweger is an Oscar winning actress, needing no introduction. Along with her Academy Award winning role in Cold Mountain, Renee has many notable movies like Chicago, Bridget Jones's Diary, Miss Potter and Cinderella Man on her list. Renee got her B.A. in English from the Online Education Program of the University of Texas.

So, what are you waiting for? Get enrolled in a reputed Online Educational Institute, and who knows; you’re the badge fellow of Lady Gaga!

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