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The year 2010 is entering the last quarter of its reign and along with the all other concerns, the institutes of online educations are also o the edge of restatement of the year’s progress, evaluation of the last productive period and planning for the next sessions. Listed below is the top online education news for the year 2010 that can be very helpful for you in mere potential meanings to recalculate your planning if you are an online student.


Considered to be the largest eLearning conference ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN 2010 is on its way! The date and venue for the event are all set. It is going to take place from December 1st to 3rd, 2010 at the Hotel InterContinental in Berlin. Speakers include top online education experts and reviewers like Charles Leadbeater, Talal Abu-Gazaleh, Josie Fraser, Josh Bersin, Leif Edvinsson and Larry Johnson. 

Top Rankings:

According to a report by USNews, Harvard is at the top of the annual list of National Universities with Online Education Programs, while Williams ranks the highest among Online Liberal Arts Colleges, till now. 

Research Funding Cuts:

Research funding is heavily under a cut by the both American & British Governments. The cut share is allocated to the allied fund of “War against Terror” and that is not good news for online students. “We do more with less than anybody else in the world!” says Professor Brian Foster of Oxford University's physics department. Now Online Education is all about research and unfortunately, there has not been a particular emphasis on this point by Online Schools in the last decade. And at last, when they were turning attention towards the issue, the cut of funding is again stopping them to do something for the issue.

Britain faces Brain Drain:

Britain is the country most affected by the Research Funding Cut, out of the Allied Forces against terrorism. As most of the top research scientists are leaving the country due to this, including the personals from King’s College, University of London.

Principal-Training Initiative by Laura Bush:

Along with James K. Glassman, the Executive Director of the George W. Bush Institute, and Charlene Lake, Senior Vice President Public Affairs and Chief Sustainability Officer for AT&T, the Former First Lady Laura W. Bush has recently announced a new principal-training initiative at North Dallas High School in Dallas. The program is intended to change the mode of America’s School Principals’ recruitment and their techniques to run the institutions.

Top Trends for Enrollment:

Online Business Schools are at the top of list this year with the maximum number of online students enrolling in business related degrees and programs. IT & Software Development is on second place while Online Law Schools are third in the race. As for the newest emerging Online Education trends, many of you would be surprised that instead of Modern Technological & Scientific subjects, the list is populated with Arts and Liberal Sciences! The top five emerging online education programs in collective are ranked as;
  1. Human Resource Management
  2. Library and Information Studies
  3. Social Sciences and Humanities
  4. Public Affairs
  5. Fine Arts

Quote of the Day

"Education is not the answer to the question. Education is the means to the answer to all questions"
(William Allin)