Online Education Trends for the year 2011

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Online Education is a topic needs no introduction in today’s modern world. It is one of the many blessings bestowed upon common man by the magical Pandora of electronic communication networks, called as Internet. Where ever you are and whoever you are, to learn your favorite subjects, now you don’t need to go anywhere. Just plug in a high speed internet connection on your PC and the world of Knowledge is at your feet! ​

Along with every other field of life, the year 2010 has been of great effect for Online Education too. Many new trends have evolved and many depreciated things have vanished. So if you looking to get enrolled in an Online Degree, following points might be more than helpful for you to characterize your decisions and tendencies.

Top Ten Online Education Institutes for the Year 2010:

The following list is the US National University Rankings for Online Programs for the year 2010. You can select your institute for the year 2011 to get enrolled, on the basis of this track record!
  1. Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
  2. Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
  3. Yale University, New Haven, CT
  4. Columbia University, New York, NY
  5. Stanford University, Stanford, CA
  6. University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
  7. California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA
  8. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA
  9. Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH
  10. Duke University, Durham, NC
(Note: The ranking for on-campus National Universities for US for the year 2010 is also almost identical, so it can be helpful for on-campus students too!)

Top Ten Online Degrees for the year 2011:

Now that is one important trend to look at, while selecting an online degree. The drift has changed quite a bit from pure business and technology towards liberal and social sciences. Listed below are the top ten Online Education Fields for the year 2011, based upon the predictions of Online Education Experts and enrollment tendencies for the year 2010. The list includes the concerned fields and their respective specializations that are more in trend.
  1. Graphic Design – Web Designer
  2. Nursing – Registered Nurse
  3. Information Science – Network Administrator
  4. Computer Science – Software Developer
  5. Accounting – Certified Public Accountant
  6. Education – Special Education Teacher
  7. Environmental Engineering – Environmental Engineer
  8. Forensic Science – Forensic Psychologist
  9. Criminal Justice – Criminal Investigator
  10. Physio Therapy – Massage Therapist

Top Five Online Degrees not to Opt in 2011:

Here is one interesting list of online subjects and courses that are totally out of date, and adopting these would not be a better choice for the education session 2011-12. Most of the list includes various sorts of research sciences and reason behind that is the huge funding cut by American and European Governments out of the research funds, to be pushed in the allied efforts in “War against Terrorism!”
  1. Linguistics
  2. Astrophysics
  3. Psychology
  4. Nuclear & Atomic Physics
  5. Organic Chemistry

Points to Ponder!

Here is a mix reading list of various Online Education Predictions for the year 2011.
  • Robot Teachers are very much expected to be officially launched by Online Institutes in the year 2011. These highly programmed computing devices are in testing phases and if launched, can handle thousands of Online Students at a time, along with their teaching and examination records.
  • Accuracy and Authenticity of Online Examination Procedures has been the biggest question over Online Education in the last decade. In the coming year, many of the online schools, including Harvard, is planning to use a specialized Microsoft powered SaaS application to run its online exams. If the process goes well, the application is expected to be officially launched by the end of 2011, opening a new horizon in the field of Online Education.
  • The Online Student Transfer Program between reputed Online Schools is also on a go till the end of 2011. Yale and Dartmouth College are expected to be the first two doing the thing!

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