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{slider About Electrical Engineering Degree|close}An online electrical engineering degree teaches students the electrical aspect of work, the design, repair and development of electrical components. On completion of their degree electrical engineers can gain specialty in number of different fields with particular preference to physics, maths, science and in particular computers. The degree entails with in itself the ability of providing its candidate some excelled knowledge in the field off electronics, commuting and designing. All these feature pay off when students turn to market.
{slider Scope of Online Electrical Engineering Degree}The scope of electrical engineering degree is beyond horizons. Electrical engineering jobs range from automobile to wiring industry. They are in high demand in the aircraft and computer hardware industry where their knowledge is utilized to come up with efficiently and lost cost electrical goods. The students from this degree can find themselves working in several areas ranging from communication to secure computing. With a further opportunity to expand horizons in the following fields:
  • Power Engineering
  • Control Engineering
  • Electronics Engineering
  • Microelectronics Engineering
  • Signal Processing
  • Telecommunications Engineering
  • Instrumentation Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
{slider Career Options & Expected Annual Salary Electrical Engineers}There are vast career options for people with an electrical engineering degree online. The options are nearly inexhaustible. It is estimated that 95% of all electrical engineers work in their related degree course for most of their career. The advance level jobs are available for individuals with a bachelor’s degree. It is said that electrical engineers are the 4th highest in the field of engineering and the current status of jobs is likely to grow by two percent in the coming ten years.

Electrical engineers with a bachelor’s degree are usually paid around $60,125 an year as of 2009. The median salary is around $82,160 for electrical engineers. This no doubt makes it a very lucrative profession to join. As per the Bureau of Statistics the highest 10 % of electrical engineers had a median salary of around $115,000. Wonder why universities have such high merits for this field?{/sliders}

Job Opportunities

A comprehensive list of job opportunities is available for electrical engineers across the globe. It inculcates some highly reputed and handsomely paid professions.
  • Electrical Research Assistant
  • Electrical Systems Developer
  • Electrical Construction Inspector
  • Power Plant Designer
  • Communication System Manager
  • Interactive Services Technician
  • Industrial Project Coordinator
  • Hardware Analyst
  • Electric Project Designer
  • Network Specialist
  • Relay Protection/Controls Engineer
  • Project Design Engineer
  • Distribution Project Engineer
  • Electronics Design Engineer
  • Product development engineer
  • Field Test Engineer
  • Field Service Technician
  • Control Systems Engineer
  • Eelctrical Engineer/Analog-Video
  • Reliability Engineer
  • Antenna Designer
  • Power Electronics Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer/Production Testing
  • Cable Assemblies Engineer
  • Radio Frequencey Lead Engineer
  • Senior Design/Hardware Architect
  • Electronics Engineer/Subsea Controls
  • Inverter Test Engineer
  • DuPont - Electrical Engineer
  • Robotics Engineer
  • Hardware Product Engineer
  • PLC Systems Electrical Engineer

Top Electrical Engineering Schools

Electrical engineering degree online is being offered at different online institutes the names of a few have been mentioned below:
  • Cleveland Institute of Electronics
  • Polytechnic University
  • Devry University
  • University of North Dakota
  • ECPI
  • Stony Brook University
  • Penn Foster College
  • Grantham University
  • Drexel University
  • University of Delaware
  • Colorado Technical University
  • Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Southern Methodist University

Degrees / Courses Offered

The following degrees are offered in the field of electrical engineering (online) from some of the most prestigious Institutes across the globe. some online programs offer two-year associates degree electrical engineering that provides training of certain valuable skills through following courses and more:

Associate Degree in Electrical Engineering
  • Fundamentals of Electricity
  • Electrical/Electronic Measurement and Instruments
  • Electric Motors and Controls
  • Interpreting the National Electricity
  • Associate degree in Electronics Engineering
  • AAS in Electronic Engineering Technology
  • Associate's in Electrical Technology
  • Associate Degree in Electrical Engineering Technology,
  • Associate Degree in Electronics Technology
  • Associate degree in Electronics & Computer Technology
  • Associate Degree in Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology,

Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering
  • Bachelor’s of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology
  • Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical Engineering
  • Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering
  • Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering
  • Bachelor’s in Electronics Engineering
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering
  • Bachelor’s in Electronics Engineering Technology

Masters & Doctorate Degrees in Electrical Engineering
  • Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
  • Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
  • MS in Electrical Engineering
  • Master's in Electrical Engineering MS in Electrical Engineering
  • PhD / Doctorate Degree in Electrical Engineering
  • PhD in Electrical Engineering

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