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About Mechanical Engineering Degree
Mechanical engineering is a global profession with a worldwide demand. Mechanical engineering degree comprises of the study of mechanics, the manner in which it works and the designs. In a nut shell mechanical engineers design, develop and supervise the building of structures that range from mass suspension bridges down to small ball bearings. Mechanical engineering degree (online) however is evolving into new dimensions; with the development of computer software’s the work of mechanical engineers is becoming ever more challenging and dynamic. The 3D systems have forecasted the world of endless possibilities and innovations. Mechanical engineering degree requires detailed knowledge of mathematics, science, biology and physics. Other subdivisions include the opportunity to expand into the field of fluid mechanics, other technological and computer courses.

Scope of Online
Mechanical Engineering Degree
Mechanical engineers have always been in high demand in the industry ever since the Industrial revolution and the demand is likely to soar in the coming years. As the number of manufacturing industries increases there are ample opportunities for students in this field, especially for those who plan to work in industrial engineering fields like power plants, designing firms and in chemical plant. With growing fuel prices and the incorporation of nuclear energy by most of the developed and the developing world there is going to be an ever growing demand for mechanical engineers.  As per the Bureau of Labour Statistics in United States mechanical engineering jobs are likely to increase by 4% till the year 2016. Till then we will see some 9400 new jobs for mechanical engineers.

Degrees / Courses Offered
The following degrees are offered in the field of mechanical engineering (online) from some of the most prestigious Institutes across the globe.
  • Acoustics and Noise Control
  • Automotive Systems
  • Biomechanics
  • Design and Computer-Aided Design
  • Energy Utilization and Environmental Control
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Heat Transfer   
  • Manufacturing and Materials Processing
  • Mechanics and Vibrations
  • Systems, Measurements and Controls

Online Mechanical Engineering Degrees
  • Associate Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology - Mechanical Engineering Technology.
  • Master of Science in Engineering – Mechanical Cognate.
  • Online Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering.
  • M.S. of Mechanical Engineering Degree Online
  • Master of Engineering (M. Engr.)
  • Master of Mechanical Engineering M.S. Degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • M.Engr. in Mechanical Engineering
  • Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering
  • M.S. in Mechanical Engineering
  • Master of Mechanical Engineering
  • Professional Degree (PD) in Mechanical Engineering
  • Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering
  • Off-Campus Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering

Job Opportunities for mechanical engineers
A comprehensive list of job opportunities is available for mechanical engineers. It inculcates some highly reputed and handsomely paid professions

  • Process Improvement Worker
  • Automotive design
  • Aircraft Design
  • Agricultural engineering
  • Food and bio process engineering
  • Artificial organs and other
  • medical devices
  • Child safe toys
  • Hydraulics
  • Combustion engines
  • Air condition and heating
  • Plant engineering and
  • maintenance
  • CAD Operator
  • Quality Assurance Officer
  • Software Developer
  • Pharmaceutical Lab Consultant
  • IT Assistant
  • Lab Technician
  • Mechanical Designer
  • Audio Visual Technician
  • Maintenance Specialist
  • Invention Analyst
  • Software Developer
  • Reliability Technician
  • Space Operations Assistant
  • Structural Analyst
  • Advanced Combustion Technician
  • Materials Analyst
  • Thermal Fluids Research Assistant
  • Acoustics Analyst
  • Aerodynamics Researcher
  • Engineering Analyst
  • Biomedical Engineering Assistant
  • Teaching Assistant
  • Mechanical Designer
  • Structural Analyst
  • Market Data Analyst 
Career Options for mechanical engineers
After completion of degree, mechanical engineers can look for careers in these major sectors: manufacturing, design, automotive, biomedical engineering, consulting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), Nuclear engineering, Robotics, teaching: acoustics, design, energy conservation, power generation, fluid mechanics, mechanical maintenance, pipe production, thermal products, tool design and production. In all these fields the major responsibility of mechanical engineers is the development of a design that leads to effective running of the entire systems.

Expected Annual Salary Mechanical Engineers
Statistics show that in May 2008, the average annual salary of a mechanical engineer moderately experienced was $78,200 and that of a highly experienced engineer amounted to $114,740. With oil and gas exploration companies registering some of the highest salaries of around $93,980 followed by Computer parts manufacturers with salaries of around $90,980. These statistics are a clear elaboration of the fact that mechanical engineers are in demand in nearly all the major industries of the globe.

Best Mechanical Engineering Online Schools
Following are some of the best online mechanical engineering schools
  • Penn Foster Schools
  • University of Idaho
  • University of Illinois Online
  • North Carolina State University
  • Florida Institute of Technology
  • Iowa State University of Science and Technology
  • Old Dominion University
  • Atlantic International University
  • Auburn University
  • Columbia University Kansas State University
  • Kettering University
  • Michigan Technological University
  • North Carolina State University

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