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About Environmental Engineering Degree
Environmental engineering is one of the critical fields of engineering these days. With growing pollution and the growing sense of environmental conscientiousness there has been an increasing recognition of this field. Environmental engineering (online) degree entails within it the knowledge of devising ways to reduce pollution and promulgate an environmentally friendly, green technology. The major job of Environmental engineers is to discover and design ways to clean up hazards and help companies conform to the new environmental standards being set forth in the modern age.

Scope of the Distance Environmental Engineering Degree

Environmental engineering has a lot of potential for growth and is likely to be one of the leading fields in jobs market. Environmental engineering is likely to grow faster than most other occupations in the coming ten years as the consumer grow conscious of increasing environmental hazards across the globe. At present there are many areas to expand into in environmental engineering a few of them are microbiological processes, physical processes, chemical processes, water quality, last and not the least unit operational management. In future we will see the environmental engineers grow into agriculture, biological programs, protection, cleaning up and more.

Degree and Courses Offered
Despite the fact that there are not a lot of options available to carry on with this degree online, the following institute offer these environmental engineering degrees/ courses (online). The most of the degrees are offered in the form of distance master of environmental engineering.
  • Environmental Engineering Certificate of Graduate Study
  • Environmental Engineering Advanced Certificate of Graduate Study
  • Certificate in Environmental Management Certificate in Ergonomics (Online)
  • Graduate Certificate in Environmental Engineering
  • Bachelor's in Environmental Engineering
  • Bachelor's in Environmental Engineering - Pre-Med
  • MS in Environmental Engineering
  • MS in Environmental, Health and Safety Management Master of Science in Environmental Technology Management
  • Master of Science Degree in Environmental Engineering
  • Master of Science in Environmental Engineering
  • Masters of Engineering in Environmental Engineering
Job Opportunities    
A comprehensive list of job opportunities for environmental engineers is available. It inculcates some highly reputed and handsomely paid professions. As per the Bureau of Statistics United States there were around 54000 jobs in this field in the year 2006 and this figure is likely to increase by 25% on yearly basis till the year 2016. Find out Environmental engineering career trends and jobs using Job Search Engine.

Expected Annual Salary

The average salary for environmental engineer jobs was $63,000 for the year 2008. The salaries for environmental engineers vary greatly as par experience knowledge and location of the company where duties are being performed. The median salary of environmental engineers is $70,000 a year. Some of the major corporations that produce some of the major salaried individuals in this field are the URS Corporation Inc. with a salary range of $57,860 to $104,000 followed by Arcadis Us. Inc. $50,026 to $62,571. Find salary of the specific environmental engineering career you choose, based on geographic location, experience and degree concentration using online Salary Calculator.
Career Options
Environmental engineers have good career prospects. Some of which have been described below.
  • Development Engineering Assistant
  • Technical Assistant
  • Water Resources Trainee
  • Construction Project Coordinator
  • Research Assistant
  • Design Assistant
  • Geomatics Surveying Assistant
  • Stormwater Management Designer
  • Structural Drafter
  • Engineering Technician
  • Wastewater Analyst
  • GIA Operator
  • Environmental Engineering Assistant
  • Field Technician
  • Research Assistant
  • Geophysical Data Collector
  • Technical Officer
  • Field Inspector
  • Hydro geological Field Assistant
  • Transportation Planning Analyst
Top Environmental Engineering Online Schools
Top online schools where the degrees are being offered are as follow, Worcester Polytechnic Institute leading the way with maximum number of degrees and option in environmental engineering followed by
  • Eastern Kentucky University
  • University of California - Irvine Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Southern Methodist University
  • Howard University
  • Texas Tech University
  • The University of Tennessee

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