Online Clinical Psychology Degrees & Schools

About the Degree
In the domain of psychology, clinical psychology is the most popular career. Clinical psychologists mainly study causes, diagnosis, treatment and diagnosis of people suffering from psychological problems. Mostly clinical psychologists deal with patients suffering from very serious psychological disorders like schizophrenia. Most of the clinical psychologists hold masters degree in clinical psychology or a doctoral degree.

Career Options in Clinical Psychology Degree
Clinical psychology degree holders have diverse options available. They work closely with patient or their families. Practitioners of clinical psychology use theories to evaluate, treat and prevent emotional or mental maladjustment. They not only treat patients but also try to evaluate their past history and uproot hidden ailments that might afflict them causing the maladjustment. Mostly clinical psychologists work at following places:
  • Schools
  • Private Practices
  • Universities
  • Medical systems such as managed health care organizations
  • Legal systems
Clinical psychologists also work as teachers, researchers and writers. Based on findings, clinical psychologists draft public policy. Teachers in the clinical psychology field give this information to professionals, organizations and students. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that in the next ten years clinical psychologists who have a doctorate degree will enjoy the best career opportunity. Those with a clinical psychology degree whether it’s on campus or they have clinical psychology online degree, they will have a lot of careers available to them. Careers in clinical psychology are advancing very rapidly and require quick thinking, flexibility and diplomacy.

Main Courses Offered

  • Introduction to Psychology & Psychopathology
  • Life Span Development
  • Lifestyle & Career Development
  • Cognitive & Intellectual Assessment
  • Bio psychosocial Bases of Health & Dysfunction I
  • Professional Development
  • Community Psychology
  • Professional Development, Issues & Ethics
  • Basic Skills in Psychotherapy
  • Social Psychology & Individual Differences
  • Research Methods
  • Structural & Systemic Bases of Health & Dysfunction
  • Cognitive & Affective Bases of Behavior
  • Public Policy, Advocacy & Social Change
  • The Role of Psychologists in Administration, Management & Leadership

Colleges those have Clinical Psychology Major
There are number of child psychology graduate schools which offer online clinical psychology graduate degrees. Listing of all affordable online clinical psychology schools is given below:     
  • Saint Leo University Online
  • Florida Tech University Online
  • Walden University
  • Ashford University
  • Capella University
  • Ellis College
  • Kaplan University
  • University of Phoenix
  • Argosy University
  • California Coast University
  • Liberty University
  • Chicago School of Professional Psychology
  • ICS Canada

Salary Range

Clinical Psychologists are generally paid very well. The starting salaries for students who have doctoral degrees are around $65,000, and can easily earn above $100,000

Degree Variations
A Clinical psychology student can opt for any level of degree depending on what level of expertise he/she wants. Usually following degrees are offered by clinical child psychology graduate schools.        
  • Bachelor of Arts in psychology (B.A.)
  • Bachelor of Science in psychology (B.S.)
  • Master of Arts in Clinical psychology (M.A.)
  • Master of Science in Clinical  psychology (M.S.)
  • Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology
  • Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology
The B.A. and B.S. are more or less same, the only difference is  the number of science courses required; a Bachelor of Arts in psychology requires less science coursework than the Bachelor of Science degree. But the most commonly opted degrees in field of child psychology are Masters and PhDs. Students who get their doctorate in clinical psychology have two main education options; the PhD, which requires more quantitative research, and the Psy.D, which requires more clinical work and less quantitative research. Clinical psychologists work in different settings not limited to schools, universities but also in hospitals with mental health facilities.

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