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About the Degree
The sports psychology degree aims to educate individuals about psychological principles that are applicable to domain of sports and extracurricular activities. The psychological principles learned are used to apply to issues like individual and team motivation, performance enhancement, stress management and injury recovery.

Career Options in Sports Psychology Degree
There are a lot of careers in sports psychology discipline. People who choose this online Sport Psychology major are often trying to improve performance or career advancements in physical education positions, school coaching or instructional positions recreation departments, sports camps, fitness clubs, or wellness programs.
Careers in sports psychology vary within a broad dimension. A masters (MS) and doctorate (PhD) degree holder in sports psychology can become members of sports organizations, a faculty/support member of some sports team, prevention specialist, sports psychology teacher, sports psychologist, enhanced performance trainer and a lot more. A few of the common sports psychology careers include:
  • Health / fitness professional
  • Personal trainer, educator
  • Military professional
  • Coach
Main Courses Offered
In the world of sports highly motivated behaviour is very important because it can create the difference of success or failure. For this very reasons the courses offered by various universities aim to enhance the performance of athletes by focusing on areas like stress management, anxiety control and psychological assessment of situation.

Such courses are important because most of the time people are not able to manage on their own especially in stressful match events. The Sports psychology course varies in different sports psychology majors but roughly the core courses remain same. The specialized courses differ from university to university and among different concentrations.

Core Courses
  • Orientation to Graduate Learning in Psychology
  • Lifespan Development
  • Learning Theories in Psychology
  • Ethics and Multicultural Issues in Psychology
  • Tests and Measurements
  • Inferential Statistics
  • Research Methods

Specialization Courses
  • Special Topics in Sport Psychology
  • Psychological Aspects of Sport Injury and Rehabilitation
  • Psychological Perspectives in Sport Performance Enhancement
  • Intervention and Research in Sport Psychology
  • Biological Basis of Behaviour
  • Principles of Sport Psychology
  • Performance Enhancement in Sports
  • Applied Sport Psychology
  • Current Issues in Sport Psychology
  • Integrative Project for Master's Degree in Psychology
  • Performance enhancement
  • Individual and team motivation
  • Injury recovery
  • Stress management

Colleges those have Sports Psychology Major
There are a lot of Sports Psychology Schools which offer wide variety of majors in sports psychology discipline. Some of the most famous Colleges that have sports psychology major are mentioned below:
  • The Chicago School of professional Psychology
  • University of Rockies
  • Argosy University, San Francisco
  • Capella University
  • California University of Pennsylvania
  • San Diego University for Integrative Studies
  • University of Southern Queensland
  • University of Denver
  • Santa Barbara Graduate Institute
  • Argosy University, Atlanta
  • Argosy University, Phoenix
  • Argosy University, Inland Empire
  • Adler School Of Professional Psychology
The list of graduate schools with sports psychology programs mentioned above shows some of the most popular schools amongst students. The diverse range of specialization offered by them makes the students easier to choose career of their own choice.

Salary Range
The salary range varies from person to person. Generally speaking practitioners charge between $100 to $1000 per hour. A sports psychologist generally earns approximately $41,000-$75,000 per year or even more depending on the skill set he has acquired and the type of clients he deals with.

Degree Variations
Sports Psychology programs involve an understanding of the various psychological aspects that affect performance in recreational activities and sports. Some of the best schools for masters in sports psychology offer the following most common degrees:

  • Master of Arts in Psychology - Sports and Exercise Psychology
  • Master of Arts in Psychology - Sports and Performance Psychology
  • Master of Arts in Sport-Exercise Psychology
  • Master of Science (MS) in Sports Psychology
  • Master of Science in Exercise Science and Health Promotion - Sport Psychology
  • Bachelor of Arts in Sport Psychology 
  • Post-Master Certificate in Sport Psychology
  • Certificate in Stress management psychology
  • Certificate in Performance enhancement and sports behaviour

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