Carpentry Training Courses and Online Schools

Definition of Carpentry Training Degree
Carpentry is an art that involves design, contracting, repairing, and modifying wooden structures.  The enables you to certify your profession with a degree once you are done with your carpentry training. The online carpentry courses introduces candidates the nature of job they are to perform, it will provide training in cutting, polishing, designing and finishing the wooden materials. You can undertake such a labor intensive profession, now from the comfort of your homes.

Scope of the Online Degree
The posses a lot of scope, especially with onset of luxurious trends and interior designing in homes and offices the profession has taken another turn. Furniture’s and wall decoration are the major fields of operation for carpenters with polishing wardrobes and doors to add aesthetic appeal. An online carpentry degree can expand your horizons in the following major fields:
  • Paneling the wall
  • Framing the roof
  • Framing the floor
  • Framing the stairs
  • Identification of wood siding types and their installation
  • Installation of windows, doors and drywalls
  • Explain project estimation principles
The online degree is designed for people who want a quick fix in the field of carpentry.

Degrees Offered

The online carpentry training courses being offered by top accredited online universities are divided into two main categories:
  1. Basic Online Carpentry Course
  2. Advanced Online Carpentry Course
The above two basic categorizations are further diverse into following certificates and diplomas.
  • Certification courses in Carpentry Sciences
  • Certificate in Carpentry Sciences
  • Associate in Carpentry Sciences
  • Diploma course in carpentry.
  • Diploma in Carpentry Sciences.
  • Basic carpentry ideology/principles
  • Function, handling of numerous types of hand and power tools
  • How to identify types of woods
  • Measurements and markings using rulers or other devices
Job opportunities
The main jobs of carpenters are as follow:
  • Carpenter
  • Project managers
  • Carpentry supervisor for large organizations
  • Consultants for designing & structural functionality
Career Prospects/ Options
Career prospects vary and mostly the jobs are limited, to the extent where fields are concerned and there are not a lot of options. The major areas in which a person can expand re the once that have already been mentioned. However the future is promising and the number of jobs is likely to rise in the coming years as the housing industry picks up the economy moves to revival.

Expected Annual Salary

The salary for carpenters varies as per the experience and nature of work. You can earn a reasonable salary of around 50K plus. However geographical and other demographical factors play a critical role in determining the factors. Find salaries of different plumbing careers based on experience, location and the specific carpentry training course, using using Salary Calculator.
Top Online Carpentry Training Schools
Top online schools offering online training in the field of carpentry are as follow
  • Ashworth College
  • Penn Foster Career School
  • Virginia College, School of Construction
  • Vatterott College, Berkeley
  • Everest Institute, Houston

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