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About Home Inspection Degree
A home inspector degree enables candidates to prepare themselves for a job in construction industry. It prepares them to ensure government regulations in housing industry and to ensure the necessary safety standards that have been put forward by the local and federal agencies. The job of the home inspector is elaborate and covers a wide range of construction items apart from houses alone, for instance they also inspect bridges, severs, roads and other institutional structures. The minimum qualification required to become a home inspector varies from state to state. They need information about foundations, material, plumbing, electrical appliances, sanitary systems, cooling systems etc.

Scope of Online Degree
The sector has been witnessing exponential growth over the past years and is expected to grow into the coming years as well. The job has been witnessing growth due to continued expansion of the housing industry and legislations in the field of house safety. The scope of the degree varies and it largely depends on individual skills and in some cases large social networking to find a job in this field. Although most of the house inspectors are largely self employed and find their own clients for themselves, still having a degree enables candidates in acquiring the contracts first hand. The sector as of 2006 registered a growth of 18% and is expected to continue with the said trend.

Degrees / Courses Offered
There are few options available in the field of home inspection online the following are the once that are available till date.
  • Home Inspector
  • Home Inspection

Job Opportunities
Despite little options in the degree levels there are a lot of options in the job market for home inspectors, a comprehensive list of profession is provided below
  • Home Inspector / Energy Auditor
  • Outside Sales Home Inspector
  • Home Inspector
  • Home Inspector / Public Adjuster
  • Outside Sales Home Inspector- Clearwater/Tampa
  • Rooms Inspector
  • Property inspector/home inspector
  • Part Time Property Inspector
  • Vacation Home Property Inspector
  • Inspector Building
Career Options
The demand for home inspector continues to soar and hence leads to some very successful careers in home inspections. The skills of the home inspector are vital to the people who need to ascertain the fact the house has been built as per standards and is safe to dwell in. The career has its own prospects and will continue to progress in the future as along as houses continue to be built in the United States of America. Find out current jobs and trends of home inspection jobs using Job Search Engine.
Expected Annual Salary
Most inspectors are self employed with a very variable salary expectation. Those who are in the field for a long time and have dwell to establish a large customer base charge higher than new entrants. However the median salary for the home inspectors for the year 2007 came out to be around $48,000 annually. Those employed on daily basis earned somewhere between 300 to 800 dollars a day. The salaries vary from the location the level of experience possessed by those conducting the job. Find salaries of the home inspection career using Salary Calculator.
Top Online Schools
Top online schools offering a degree in the field of house inspection are stated below
  • Penn Foster Schools
  • Stratford Career Institute
  • Ashworth College - US

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