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About Construction Management Degree
The degree in construction management entails the overlooking of all types of constructions that take place either in the shape of industries, homes, roads, hospitals etc. The concept of construction management subscribes the overall planning, control, and leadership that is required in this field. The degree entails the concepts civil engineering and the knowledge and use of raw materials in construction project. The degree provides students knowledge of supply chain management in order to ensure the availability of resources, and their optimum utilization to ensure maximum profits.

Scope of the Online Degree
The courses being offered online are of high interest to candidates as it provides such valuable knowledge while individuals can save on living and transportation expense that are a must for on campus education. The degree is being offered in multifaceted form; you can start off with a certificate and then carry on with your goal in the field by achieving relevant degree being offered in bachelors and masters program. The demand for construction management is significantly high as it is a specialty that precisely deals with only the construction industry and with growing developmental project the demand turns out to high by all its definitions.

Degrees offered
Online construction management is available in the shape of following degrees
  • Undergraduate Certificate in Specialty Construction
  • Graduate Certificate - Construction Management
  • A.A.S. in Construction Technology with an Emphasis in Construction Electrician
  • A.A.S. in Construction Technology with an Emphasis in Power Technology
  • A.A. with an Emphasis in Building Code Enforcement
  • Bachelor's Degree in Construction Management
  • BS - Construction Management
  • Construction Management
  • Contractor / Construction Management
  • Master's in Construction Engineering
  • Master of Science in International Construction Management
Job Opportunities
A large number of opportunities await the construction mangers, some of the construction management jobs have been listed as below
  • Project Manager
  • Construction Manager
  • Construction Superintendent
  • Estimator
  • Concrete Foreman
  • Construction Area Manager
  • Construction Foreman
  • General Contractor
  • Job Superintendent
  • Project Superintendent

Career prospects/ options
The demand, for construction managers, is always on the rise as the economies grow so does the infrastructure, construction managers then come to play their part. The construction mangers held a staggering 389,000 jobs in the United States as of year 2002. The number is even higher as of date due the growth that was witnessed after 2002.  The career prospects are great for mangers in this field, some construction managers now have their own construction firms while other work for specialty traders in the field of construction like plumbers, cooling and heating systems etc. Some of the graduates find jobs within large construction firms where they can pursue their careers. Find Construction Management degree jobs using Job Search Engine.
Expected Annual Salary
The salaries of construction managers are indeed pleasing. The salaries depend on the fact if the worker is employed by someone or self employed. The median annual salary of construction managers in the year 2002 was around 63,500 dollars while fresh graduates were being offered around 42,000 dollars as a starting salary. The story does not end here a comprehensive list of benefits like office car, house and other such luxuries are provided to construction managers as a part of their package. Find exact salary of the career you choose using Salary Calculator.
Top Online Construction Management Schools
The top online schools offering a degree in the construction management industry are as follows:
  • New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • Southern Polytechnic State University
  • Stratford Career Institute
  • Ashworth College - US
  • ITT Technical Institute - Online
  • Everglades University - Online
  • San Joaquin Valley College Online
  • Community Colleges of Colorado
  • University of Florida
  • University of Washington

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