Quality Control Online Schools and Degrees

About Quality Control Degree
Quality control degree enables individuals to detect and remove potential hazards in the industry and around our normal environmental surroundings, which continue to persist despite mechanization and advancements in technology. Quality control specialist need to specialize in their respective fields in order to ensure quality of products and services to the level as claimed by the manufactures or service providers. They are also to ensure the safety of those at work in the organization and those who undertake the products for   usage. The level of knowledge relates to their job for which they are to be appointed and their job mostly is to ensure standard and quality.

Scope of Online Quality Control Degree
The degree appears to be promising when it comes to being hired as quality control specialist. Which greater emphasis on consumer safety and heightened attention being awarded to the safety laws that are being legislated, the quality control sector continues to blossom.  All industries ranging from textile, aerospace, chemical, pharmaceuticals etc require some sort of quality control mechanisms which in turn are controlled by quality control specialist and on the other hand by the government quality control specialist who tests the system being presented.

Quality Control Degrees / Courses Offered
Quality control or assurance continues to be taught under the following head at different schools
  • Certificate in Occupational Safety
  • Graduate Certificate - Quality Assurance
  • Associate of Applied Science in Health, Safety and Environmental Technology
  • AS in Occupational Safety and Health
  • BS in Occupational Safety and Health
  • A.A.S. in Occupational Safety
  • Associate in Applied Science with a concentration in Hazardous Materials Management
  • Bachelors Quality Control
  • Bachelor of Science in Occupational Safety & Health
  • Bachelor of Science in Occupational Safety & Health / Fire Science
  • Master of Science in Occupational Safety & Health / Environmental Management
  • Master of Science in Occupational Safety and Health
  • Master of Public Health in Occupational Health & Safety Management
  • Master of Public Health in Occupational Health
  • Master of Science in Public Health in Industrial Hygiene
  • Master of Science - Industrial Hygiene
  • MS in Safety, Security & Emergency Management - Occupational Safety
Quality Control Job Opportunities
A comprehensive list of job opportunities is available for graduates to start and sustain their careers in the long run.
  • Health and Safety Manager
  • Quality Manager
  • Area Manager
  • FM Business - Health and Safety Manager
  • Experienced Yield Manager
  • Designate Store Cleaning Manager
  • Auditor
  • First Piece In-Process Inspector
  • Inspection Supervisor
  • Quality & Training Specialist
  • Quality Assurance Director
  • Quality Assurance Inspector
  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • Quality Control Analyst
  • Quality Control Supervisor
  • Quality Improvement Coordinator
  • Quality Manager
  • Quality Trainer
Career Options Quality Control
Quality control specialists work in many organizational setting ranging from industries to cooking of food. All these jobs play a vital role in eradicating potential hazards that can result due to negligence. Careers are available in the government sector as well as in the private sector. the quality control sector is likely to grow by 9% in the coming years up to the year 2016.

Expected Annual Salary

The salary ranges in the field are appreciating. The median income for quality control comes up to around $55,000. The jobs in the government sector pay well as compare to private sector employees. This largely is due to the quality control authorities that work out and ensure quality control in the good being manufactured and environmentally safe. The median salary in the government sector approaches around $70Ks.

Top Online Schools

Top online schools awarding quality control degrees are as follow
  • Columbia Southern University
  • TUI University
  • EKU - Online
  • Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology - Tulsa
  • Barton Community College Online
  • Community Colleges of Colorado
  • Montana Tech of The University of Montana
  • Scott Community College
  • Tulane University
  • University of New Brunswick

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